Bleach Boys

Welcome to Bleach Boys! The only podcast on the internet where we attempt to rewatch all of the Bleach anime before The Thousand-Year Blood War Arc gets its adaptation. Join the boys from the Otalku youtube channel every week as they get together to discuss a new 5-10 episode batch and how it relates to things we learn in the final manga arc as well as things learned from the ending of the anime. We are rewatching the anime in Dubbed for the first time ever.

So if you want to refamiliarize yourself with everything that happened in Bleach before the new season then this is the podcast for you!


Captain Amagai and the Three Worst Filler Characters - Bleach Boys 14 (The New Captain Shusuke Amagai)
Show Details1hr 6min
GRIMMJOW VS ICHIGO, Final Battle!!!! AKA A Lover's Quarrel - Bleach Boys 13 (Invasion of Hueco Mundo Arc)
Show Details1hr 12min
Chad vs Gantenbainne, Ishida vs Cirucci and Ulquiorra the Gossip King - Bleach Boys 12 (Invasion of Hueco Mundo Arc)
Show Details54min 55s
Rukia vs Kaien Shiba AKA Aaroniero Arruruerie AKA Espada 9 (Also Ichigo vs Dordoni) - Bleach Boys 11 (Invasion of Hueco Mundo Arc)
Show Details1hr 6min
Nel meets Ichigo for the first time, Menos Forest Filler Arc, Ashido is OP - Bleach Boys 10 (Invasion of Hueco Mundo Arc)
Show Details1hr 8min
Did Ulquiorra love Orihime? Ichigo vs Grimmjow Second Fight! - Bleach Boys 9 (Arrancar: The Arrival Arc)
Show Details1hr 10min
That Time Ulquiorra lost to an Arrancar - Bleach Boys 8 (Arrancar: The Arrival Arc)
Show Details55min 44s
Ichigo Vizard (Visored) Training!! Ichigo vs Hichigo!! - Bleach Boys 7 (Arrancar: The Arrival Arc)
Show Details1hr 1min
Ichigo meets Grimmjow, First Fight - Bleach Boys 6 (Arrancar: The Arrival Arc)
Show Details1hr 4min
How many Espada are Vasto Lordes? - Bleach Boys 5 (Arrancar: The Arrival Arc)
Show Details1hr 22min
Ichigo vs Kariya Final Fight - Bleach Boys 4 (Bount Arc)
Show Details1hr 18min
Ichigo vs Byakuya Vs Kariya - Bleach Boys 3 (Bount Arc)
Show Details1hr 13min
Cain the Most Tragic Character in Bleach - Bleach Boys 2 (Bount Arc)
Show Details37min 16s
Best Bleach Filler Arc by FAR - Bleach Boys 1 (Bount Arc)
Show Details56min 53s