BLD Podcast: The Optimism Continues

24m | Aug 23, 2017
We continue to get closer to week one of the 2017 NFL season. Despite more blows to the Buffalo Bills' roster; Brad "The Bruiser" Eichkorn and Alex Jones remain positive. With Sammy Watkins gone and Anquan Boldin recently retired, as far as receivers, optimism may be all we have left. Does that mean the 2017 is a loss, and Bills fans should hibernate through the 2017 season? Heck no. We Billieve!

Topics for discussion on this week's podcast include:
Boldin's retirement blowThe current receiving corpFree agent WR worth targetingOffensive StrengthsBills Defense a potential top 5 D?The McDermott Effect
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BLD Podcast on the Buffalo Bills