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The Cole Report

When the world is going to shit. Just come to the dark side with a little black pill. Current events, Parapolitics, Conspiracy.


Mental illness and Oppressive Governments
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Duck and Cover
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Twitter shut down and Ancient gods
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America's midlife Crisis
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Election night coverage
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News and Talk with Brian
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The Climate Crazies
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Watch Who You Worship
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Ghost Theory
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Wild World of Cryptids w/ Shepard Ambellas
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10-6-22 update
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The Four Horsemen Are Running Loose
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9-29-22 Update
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9-28-22 Update
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9-27-22 update
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9-26-22 upadate
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Planet X Might Be Closing In w/ Shepard Ambellas
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The Perfect Great Reset Storm
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Immigration, Train stoppage, and News! W/Bethany Adoni
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Lizard Queen Down and 9/11 Exotic Bomb W/ Shepard Ambellas
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Dark Biden and No Power = No Food
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Trumped Up Charges and Fake Boogie Men w/ RantCast
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4 Pillars to Collapse the World
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The Climate Depopulation Agenda
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Emergency Report: Fancy Nancy Landed
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Collapse of the USD with Shepard Ambellas
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Elon Will Wreck Us
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How to Fix the Biden Problem
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US government is a sh¡t hole and Food Shortages are on the way
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WW3 Grows Closer
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Ides of March...well kinda Petro dollar Collapse
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Just Laugh it Off
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The Real Fall Out pt2
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The Real Fall Out pt1
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Propaganda Working Overtime
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It is What its NOT
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If It Does Go HOT
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Enemy at the Gates
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Next Russia Hoax
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Supreme Court does the bare Minimum
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Covid Camps and Operation Robin Sage
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Now the Media has Questions
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Ted Cruz got Cucked
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Robert Malone Gone off Twitter
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Beware of Biden's News
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Is Alex Jones getting set up ?
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We have all gone Mad
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Don't Trust the Courts
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We are Screwed
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It's Crashing Time
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4th time is the charm
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From Russia with love
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Mandates are the Worse Dates
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Humanity is fired
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VA and NJ gone Purple ?
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Baldwin Bust a Cap
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You Lose, you get Nothing!!!
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Colon POW fuck off
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