Black News Tonight w/ Marc Lamont Hill

Award-winning journalist, Marc Lamont Hill, is the host of a new primetime show, “Black News Tonight.” Marc Lamont Hill wants to change the way Black people get their news


Marc Lamont Hill debates Dr. Christopher Metzler on Defunding the Police
Show Details12min 33s
Marc Lamont Hill Interviews Christopher F. Rufo a Key Opponent of Critical Race Theory
Show Details25min 1s
Conservative Commentator Liz Wheeler Links Critical Race Theory to Marxism
Show Details13min 58s
Marc Lamont Hill Grills Black Conservative CJ Pearson on Critical Race Theory
Show Details20min 35s
Marc Lamont Hill’s Explosive Interview with Rep. Vernon Jones on Critical Race Theory
Show Details8min 50s
Marc Lamont Hill and Judge Joe Brown Get into Heated Debate on Media’s Portrayal of Bill Cosby
Show Details18min 35s