#247: 3 Signs You've Grown and Are Healthier

24m | Jun 3, 2024

In this episode, let’s discuss the importance of recognizing and celebrating personal growth. Reflecting on past conversations with coaching students, I explore three key signs that show how much you've evolved: pausing before reacting even when hurt, becoming open to alternative viewpoints, and feeling and validating your emotions. Alongside these insights, we discuss the impact of sharing emotions with safe individuals and re-evaluating your social circle for healthier relationships. 

We have been very attuned to keep our focus on our shortcomings but rarely do we allow ourselves to celebrate the progress that we’ve been making in our inner work.

Tune in to learn how to acknowledge your progress, appreciate your journey, and break unhealthy patterns for a better tomorrow.

In this episode, we cover…

  • 02:49 The inspiration for this episode
  • 04:00 How labels from your past are keeping you stuck from growing
  • 05:16 Why you should give yourself credit for the progress you've made
  • 06:49 Why you need to pause before reacting
  • 09:15 Are you open to seeing alternative perspectives?
  • 10:21 A tool to use when you're triggered
  • 14:43 Example of seeing the alternative perspectives in dating
  • 16:41 Example of seeing the alternative perspectives in inner work
  • 18:38 Feeling your emotions and validating them
  • 20:15 Why people *don't care* about your emotions
  • 21:14 What to do when you don't have safe people around you

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