#248: Getting Out of the Negative in Relationships

54m | Jun 10, 2024

In this episode, I discuss the importance of moving from negative relationship patterns to positive, healed, and love-filled connections. I also talk about the common pitfalls of remaining in negative relational spaces, the impacts of childhood emotional neglect, and the signs of low self-worth. 

You’ll get to know what it means to reach a baseline in emotional health and relationships and, ultimately, how to grow towards a healed and loved woman status. Listen to get actionable advice on stepping away from unhealthy relationships, identifying roadblocks, and embracing one's personal needs. 

In this episode, we cover…

  • 06:45 Why you operate in a deficit in relationships
  • 12:19 How childhood emotional neglect affects you and your relationships
  • 16:54 What it looks like to be in a relationship with a dominant and passive partner
  • 18:44 The risk that happens when you still don't get to the baseline of relationships
  • 22:12 Why you still struggle with low self-worth (even if you don't think that you are)
  • 25:50 Why you need to make yourself available for happiness
  • 31:13 The healed and loved woman standard for relationships
  • 32:40 What it looks like to be in the negative baseline in relationships
  • 33:44 What the baseline standard is for relationships
  • 40:06 Why you're encouraged to do healing work in a community
  • 41:09 Shena's personal story of healing in a community
  • 41:57 Why you need to share your story
  • 42:48 No contact as a healing agent

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