Is Pete Werner the Saints' Next Ohio State Success? | Saints Draft Series Part 2

Episode 22
22m | May 21, 2021

We've all heard the line how the New Orleans Saints must have a satellite office at Ohio State. Linebacker Pete Werner is the fourth Buckeye New Orleans has drafted since 2016.

What skills and personality does the Saints' second-round pick bring to the table? Host Rachel Jones asked Pete Werner's high school coach, Rick Streiff. He said Werner's ability to run and move, along with his intelligence & football savvy, will make him an excellent addition. In other words, he's got the "it" factor.


Tune in MONDAY for Part 3 of the Saints draft series - all about Saints third-round pick Paulson Adebo with Stanford/Pac-12 reporter Troy Clardy!



(6:05) "He's a young man who always kept his nose to the grindstone."


(7:15) "Really quiet, fly-under-the-radar kind of guy - you have to kind of pull teeth sometimes to get words of out him. But once on the field, he just plays so hard."


(9:23) "He's seen it all, between his high school experience and then obviously at Ohio State, they play the best of the best."


(10:38) "He even played a little bit of cornerback for us in high school when we played some heavy run teams, we would put him on the tight end side into the boundary, and it was a thing of beauty."


(11:33) "If you go back and watch the Ohio State films, they played him all over the place and it was because of those two things - his ability to run and his ability to grasp the scheme and understand what his responsibilities are."


(15:37) "I watched Sean Payton sling it around as a high schooler ... talk about a guy that had football savvy."


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