Landon Young Leaves Places Better Than He Found Them | Saints Draft Series Part 5

Episode 25
21m | May 31, 2021

No one outworks Landon Young. In football or in life.


On this episode of Black and Gold Rush, you’ll hear from University of Kentucky grad assistant coach Ryan Finck, who took over much of the offensive line coaching duties when longtime Wildcats O-line coach John Schlarman passed away in November 2020. Finck describes how Young led the “Big Blue Wall” as a team captain and left a legacy at Kentucky.


Tune in FRIDAY for the finale of the Saints draft series - all about Saints seventh-round pick Kawaan Baker with South Alabama’s own JT Crabtree!



(1:27) “He is everything that is the state of Kentucky, Landon is the perfect example.”


(2:54) “You could walk down this hallway right here, and every coach is going to have something different, something new, and something wonderful to say about Landon Young.”


(12:07) “Landon, I think, has a chance to come in and be a guy who plays the right tackle position. When he came back after training for his pro day, he looked like a million bucks, and he said he’d been doing a lot on the right side because he knows all his reps were on the left.”

(17:57) Random Round


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