Ian Book - Future Starting QB or Long-Term Backup? | Saints Draft Series Part 4

Episode 24
28m | May 28, 2021

Be honest. We're not 100% sure whether the New Orleans Saints will start Jameis Winston or Taysom Hill at quarterback in 2021. Sean Payton also could install a package for the Saints fourth-round draft pick, Notre Dame QB Ian Book.

On a new episode of Black and Gold Rush, Notre Dame football reporter Tyler James is here to break down how Ian Book won the starting job at Notre Dame and why some people insist on calling him "deceptively athletic." Many in Notre Dame circles believe landing with the Saints will give Ian Book time to learn the offense, but what is his NFL future? Can he be a starter one day, or is he a long-term backup?


Tune in MONDAY for Part 5 of the Saints draft series - all about Saints sixth-round pick Landon Young with Kentucky grad assistant coach Ryan Finck!



(7:15) "Certainly Ian Book has been a guy since his high school playing days who has been doubted a little bit."

(11:25) "He will be willing and certainly prepared to handle a quarterback competition in whatever sort of opportunities and pecking order the Saints put him in."

(15:30) "I think it is a good situation whether or not he plays at all in his rookie year or just sort of waits in the wing and learns what he needs to learn at the NFL level and prepares himself to have a sustainable career, whether that's as a starter or as a long-term backup."


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