New Orleans Saints Draft Primer: What to Watch For (with Luke Johnson)

Episode 17
36m | Apr 19, 2021

This episode of Black and Gold Rush is a great mix of behind-the-scenes content and a Saints draft preview!

Host Rachel Jones and Luke Johnson, Saints beat writer at The Times-Picayune & New Orleans Advocate, predict the Saints' strategy for the 2021 NFL Draft during their wide-ranging conversation. Rachel and Luke were on The Daily Reveille sports staff together at LSU - and they reunite to discuss how serving in the U.S. Marine Corps shaped Luke's life, the story behind Luke meeting his wife Chelsea, and much more.

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(6:05) "First and foremost, my dad was in the Marines for 20 years. I always kind of envied his stories. So that was number one. And number two, 911 happened when I was a sophomore in high school. And then that was pretty formative for a lot of people my age."

(12:30) "(Luke's wife) Chelsea worked in back shop and I worked in the newsroom. So we crossed paths every now and then ... But then randomly we had a class together, and ironically enough the name of the class was Marriage and Family."

(15:40) "I think Caleb Farley is the best corner in this draft."

(18:58) "It just remains to be seen whether the Saints think they can trust (Zach Baun) as an off-ball linebacker." 

(23:49) "Everybody should pause this podcast now and go watch like a 5-minute Rondale Moore highlight tape. The guy is just so much fun to watch with the ball in his hands."

(30:29) "Because both Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill are going to be free agents next year, there's no guarantee that either of those guys are going to pan out in this offense. And I think it'd be smart enough to just like, always be keeping their options open with the quarterback position - the Saints should be example number one for how important that position is."

(32:28) Random Round


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