NFL Draft Evaluations 101 with Randy Mueller

Episode 18
39m | Apr 26, 2021

Former New Orleans Saints GM Randy Mueller joins this episode of Black and Gold Rush with the NFL Draft just three days away! Mueller was thrilled to "be back in Saints world" - what he called one of the best times in his career, though it only lasted two years.

Mueller shares his insights on many topics from his 30+ years in football, from drafting the Saints' all-time leading rusher Deuce McAllister in 2001 and how mock drafts played a role, to what the Who Dat Nation is all wondering - where the Saints will go with the 28th overall pick in 2021. Mueller also gets candid about how things ended for him in New Orleans and shares advice for others when life gets turned upside down.

Tune in Thursday, April 29, for a special NFL Draft edition of Black and Gold Rush with The Saints Wire's Maddy Hudak!


(3:40) "At age 17, I packed up my belongings and goofy looking permed hairdo and went over to to the Seahawks facility and worked for $44 a week and ended up 20 years later, I was the boss."

(7:10) "I've always been able to use these mock drafts as a tool. And when I say mock drafts, it's anybody's mock drafts, I don't care if it's a guy on the street, if it's a guy from another team, if it's a media guy, I welcomed all of our people to collect these drafts and bring them into our draft room."

(15:02) "My philosophy has always been if you tell me exactly what you want, we'll find it, that's not a problem, we'll find exactly the right fit. So I think it's all about fit."

(21:01) "I have Trevor Lawrence at the top, he has all all the boxes checked. He's a big strong dude who can make all the throws. I think the biggest question I have about him is learning an NFL offense and processing it at a higher rate of speed than he's ever had to do before at Clemson. And then I have Zach Wilson rated second behind him. Zack does so many things inside the pocket and outside the pocket and does more level 2 and level 3 quarterback tasks than any of the ones for me in this year's draft. The other three guys, for me all have some questions."

(23:44) "Picking as late as they do 28, here's what I would say, I would say they'd be less inclined to fill a specific need and more inclined to pick the best player available. Nobody stacks their board the same. So the Saints pick at 28 will probably get somebody on their board that they rank in the top 20."

(27:43) "The two short seasons I spent in New Orleans were the best of my professional life. It was awesome. And it was mainly because of the fans."

(32:58) "Whether it's doing podcasts, whether it's writing, whether it's doing anything you like, just try to stay in as many lanes as you can so you have options. And really, it's all about options. That's what our world is, right? It's about timing and options."

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