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Bitcoin and Financial Independence

Bitcoin and Financial Independence I is a podcast approaching crypto from the Financial Independence/Retire Early mindset.

I break down how you can optimize and supercharge your finances through creativity, habit change and smart strategies to enable you the time freedom to do what you want.


41: Distorted Markets, Inflation, and the Federal Reserve with John Coffey | Part 1
Show Details1s
40: I Sold Everything... Except Bitcoin
Show Details15min 4s
39: Bitcoin For Paying Your Mortgage?
Show Details9min 56s
38: Operation Fiscal Buffalo | Weather the Hurricane
Show Details15min 12s
37: Shift Your Focus
Show Details6min 27s
36: Swan vs Celsius Follow Up | Education and Cheapest Places To Get Bitcoin
Show Details12min 37s
35: Be Your Own Bank | Escape From Celsius
Show Details14min 1s
34: Utility of Bitcoin | Sound Money and Deflationary Currency
Show Details30min 25s
33: Fly To Safety With Bitcoin | The Terra Luna Meltdown
Show Details14min 24s
32: Intro to NFT's with Grayson Sharp
Show Details29min 27s
31: DeFi Basics - Traditional Finance Gets Competition From Crypto with Grayson Sharp
Show Details40min 8s
30: 9% Interest On Stablecoins and Cryptobanking
Show Details22min 40s
29: Trading Dirtbikes for Ping Pong | My Story Part 2
Show Details26min 7s
28: Divorce, Death and Breast Implants | My Story Part 1
Show Details25min 26s
27: Why You Should Care About Bitcoin
Show Details11min 38s
26: Fight Inflation
Show Details35min 34s
25: Censorship Resistance and Canada
Show Details8min 57s
Ukraine, Russia and Bitcoin | Donate Bitcoin To Ukraine
Show Details15min 4s
The Retirement Account That Pays You
Show Details28min 42s
The Super Crypto Bowl and A Chance For One Million in Bitcoin
Show Details7min 38s
The Beginners Journey with Michael Weymans | Part 2
Show Details49min 47s
The Beginners Journey with Michael Weymans | Part 1
Show Details35min 21s
Crypto Comes To Supercross
Show Details18min 19s
How To Get Free Bitcoin
Show Details22min 58s
Will Tonga Make Bitcoin Legal Tender? | Market Update
Show Details15min 22s
My Investing Future
Show Details25min 53s
My Investing History and HSA's
Show Details20min 14s
Crypto Charity
Show Details14min 22s
Give the Gift of Crypto
Show Details6min 44s
Bitcoin Origins, Security, Inflation and Education with Edward Gorbis
Show Details55min 53s
Market Update and Utility Tokens
Show Details26min 8s
Get Off Zero and Don't Mess It Up
Show Details14min 29s
Bitcoin Related Stocks And ETF's
Show Details24min 5s
Meme Coins: Shiba Inu and Doge vs Bitcoin
Show Details18min 43s
The Properties of Money
Show Details11min 32s
The Halving Cycle and Whether Or Not To Treat Bitcoin Like a 401k
Show Details13min 33s
Dollar Cost Averaging and Having a Plan
Show Details23min 3s
Investing Order of Operations
Show Details14min 26s
Blockchain Basics, Decentralization and China
Show Details12min 20s
Real World Crypto Use Cases
Show Details14min 53s
What To Know Before Buying Crypto
Show Details16min 50s
Intro To BitcoinFI
Show Details9min 35s