Welcome to Bishop Mortimer's Day Off, a hilarious weekly podcast hosted by the millennial prima donna himself Bishop Mortimer. Who realized he had one too many Days Off after getting FIRED from his job. Now with the help of a different opinaited family member co-hosting with him each week, he welcomes listeners into his millennial mind to discuss topics of love, mental health, trending topics and how he went from a self-diagnosed sad b*tch... to a savage!


002- The Dead Daddies Club
Show Details9min 56s
#001- I Found My Co-Workers ONLYFANS Page!
Show Details11min 16s
#000 - THE REBOOT (Nobody Asked For)
Show Details3min 58s
Convo's With My Bestie: Worst Relationships, Self Love, Business
Show Details35min 18s
Midnight Thoughts: Black Live Matter, Self Care, Death
Show Details8min 26s
George Floyd & The Protest PT. I
Show Details16min 51s
My Opinion About The MURDER Of George Floyd
Show Details12min 36s
Famous Rapper Lets His Son Get Molested ! + The Trauma From Losing Your Virginity Too Early
Show Details20min 19s
Jamie's Birthday Episode
Show Details24min 23s
AHMAUD ARBERY is another Black Man MURDERED!
Show Details23min 27s
Ways To Channel Trauma In Our Daily Life + The Perks Of Journaling.
Show Details1hr 2min