The Imitation Game

Season 2 | Episode 15
1h 10m | Nov 19, 2020

Alan Turing should be hailed as an international hero. Instead, he was castrated by his government for being gay. He played a key role in decoding messages from the Nazi's during World War II, and by some estimates, shortened that war by two years and saved millions of lives with his genius.​

​The question before us for this episode is "Does 'The Imitation Game' give Alan Turing his due?" Does it provide a depiction of the man that is fair? And, let's not go with the "But movies always take liberties." approach. We know they do. But there are times when they leave the worst impression by doing so. For this episode, sharing the true story behind this movie based on a true story is a cause to bring the people in this story their due.

Is that a bit of strong coffee for a movie podcast? Why, yes, I think it is.

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