Season 5 | Episode 27
1h 32m | Dec 31, 2022

Richard Loving and Mildred Jeter love each other. They got married, but cannot live as a married couple in Virginia, even though Virginia is for lovers. Why? He is white, and she is black. Or is she Indian? If she were Indian, the law says it would OK for her to be married to a white man in Virginia, unless she is called Negro, then it is not OK. Oh, these white supremacy laws really do complicate everything.​

​Well, Richard and Mildred didn't like it either, and they took their case to the Supreme Court which smacked down the racist laws and allowed people of all races to marry whomever they wanted.

There are mysteries about this seemingly straight forward story to be discovered. We'll talk about the law that kept the Lovings from being married and the real story behind the letter Mildred may not have sent to Robert Kennedy.

Join me as we talk to Lolita, David and Dawn. We'll tell the true story about the behind Loving, a movie based on a true story.​

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