The Falcon and the Snowman

Season 5 | Episode 29
1h 25m | May 1, 2023

Christopher Boyce was a straight A student. Then he met a fellow alter boy by the name of Andrew Daulton Lee. They smoked dope, flew falcons, and sold American military secrets to the Soviet government.​

​But, that's only half the story.

​In this episode of Biopics (Mostly) Suck, we are going to give more information behind certain scenes in the film. What really caused Christopher to commit espionage? What was the deal with Australia? Why were the Mexican police so angry at Daulton?

​After that, the rest of the story is just a prison break, the American legal process, and the petty reasons prisoners are put into solitary confinement - blah, blah, blah. And, did the CIA really let Boyce and Lee continue to get away with it all?

​Join us as we tell the true story behind this movie based on a true story.

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