Bingo Games by Bingo77UK

Bingo is fun and easy-to-play. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing online or offline, bingo is easy to learn. Today we explain 3 major types of bingo games: 90 ball, 80 ball and 75 ball bingo.

First – a 90 Ball Bingo game. This is the most popular type of bingo games. 90 ball bingo cards are laid out in three rows and nine columns, with five numbers on each line. When you play 90 ball bingo the objective is to complete horizontal lines. Each line is a chance to win and the prizes usually get bigger the more lines you have. If you cross all numbers – you get a full house and the game ends.

Second - 80 Ball Bingo. In this type of bingo the numbers are in a grid of 4 to 4 and there’s a different color for each vertical line. To win, you don’t just need to cross a straight line. Instead, the emphasis is on making patterns or getting that a full house.

The third type is 75 Ball Bingo. Here the cards all have 25 squares, laid out in a 5 to 5 grid. Unlike 90 ball bingo, you don’t complete lines or the full card to win, it’s more like 80 ball bingo in that you need to make patterns. The patterns are varied and change with each game. A 75 ball bingo game can be a lot more interesting than 90 ball bingo although you do need to pay attention to make sure you don’t miss a winning pattern.

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