If Plato and Aristotle had internet addictions and knew what "gaslighting" was, they'd probably make this podcast. Hosts Julia Hava and Eliza McLamb guide you through our current cultural hellscape, share sociological and psychological perspectives on pop culture, and deconstruct everything you've ever loved. Come have a laugh with us through the end times of late stage capitalism!


WTF was #Kony2012?
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Gav's History Hour *TEASER*
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It's Giving Thanks
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This Episode is BPA Free
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Ben Franklin off the Percs
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The Whorigin Story
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Ghostopia *TEASER*
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Drunk Witchstory *UNLOCKED*
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Rise Up Marxxinistas
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Drunk Fairytales *TEASER*
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Suffering Lesbianly
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Crazy GF Keeps Requesting That I Shower *TEASER*
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Much to Ink About
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America's Next Top Chaste Young Virgin
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ASMR Gossip Hour *TEASER*
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TikTok Killed The Radio Star
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Abort Mission
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Girlbossing Too Close to the Sun
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Baseless Claims (w/ Allegra Chapman) *TEASER*
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Mommy's Little Miserable Existence
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Eliza's Existential Question Hour *TEASER*
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My Twin Won't Stop Posting Hole. *UNLOCKED*
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This Murder Was Sponsored By HelloFresh
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My Twin Won't Stop Posting Hole. *TEASER*
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Panic! At the Gender Performance
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Heterosexuality Is a Trauma Response
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To All The Boys I've Banged Before *TEASER*
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My Close and Personal Friend, Beyoncé
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How to Pop Your Chrussy in a God Honoring Way
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Drunk Witchstory *TEASER*
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I Can't Believe It's Not Bread!
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Flewed Out For Teen Torture
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All Tangents *TEASER*
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Binchtopia Says "Gay Rights!"
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Alexis Ren Body Tutorial
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Patreon Loveline *TEASER*
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In My Old Hag Era
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Incel Hell
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Pussy Riot: Why Men Hate Cats *TEASER*
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Ted Bundy Was a Skims Baby
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Drunk Herstory: Traitor Peggy + Typhoid Mary *UNLOCKED*
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The Simp-osium (w/ Michaela Okland)
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Corporations Are People Too!
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Drunk Herstory: Traitor Peggy and Typhoid Mary *TEASER*
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The IV Leagues
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I Don't Have Shit To Say To Anyone
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Astral Projecting in Whole Foods
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I Have To Be the Hottest Girl in the Ayahuasca Circle for Some Reason *TEASER*
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Cleopatra, Come to Brazil
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It's Always Been March
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Refried Therapy *TEASER*
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First Annual Girlboss Summit
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Gaslightning McQueen
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Oops!...I'm a Ward of the State *TEASER*
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Love is a Six Car Pileup: The Valentine's Day Special
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The Self Care Industrial Complex
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Honey, I Monetized the Kids
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Call Her Binchy
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Chit Chat, Coup, & Chill
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Anatomy of a Flop
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Welcome to Binchtopia
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