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Africa has been referred to as the next business frontier, I disagree!

Africa has been ready for business since before slave trade. But with all the potential and visible successes, why has business on the continent remained largely obscure? Why have we measured our success based on numbers of American companies?

In this podcast I take a deep dive into how you can build and run a successful business in Africa. Looking at real on the ground experiences that are shaping Africa’s business frontier.

I talk to top entrepreneurs, business owners and industry experts to answer the what, the why and the how of building and running a successful business on the African continent.


027. Where Is Your Drinkerbell? - with Peach Piche
Show Details41min 52s
026. Your Network Will Give You Access with Uwem Uwemakpan
Show Details41min 3s
025. We Need Blended Leadership with Jumane Mtambalike
Show Details54min 54s
024. Why Achievers Fail, Even After Great Successes.
Show Details40min 39s
023. Talking Entrepreneurship with Tumi Moagi
Show Details56min 31s
022. You Need A Little Arrogance with Mlamli Mangcala
Show Details46min 18s
021. Why You Should Do Business in Africa
Show Details36min 17s
020. How To Get Your Business Funded with Dagmar Breiling
Show Details45min 36s
019. How To Build A Resilient Business
Show Details43min 3s
018. How To Industrialise Africa
Show Details35min
017. Who Owns Africa? Part 2
Show Details54min 26s
016. Who Owns Africa?
Show Details44min 9s
015. Africa Must Prepare for Foreign Divestment with Kouassi Yeboua
Show Details59min 13s
014. Prayer: How You Can Achieve More in Business with Ndivhuwo Vhuatsha
Show Details58min 54s
013. How To Empower People Through Tech with Mohamed Dhaouafi
Show Details45min 42s
012. First And Foremost, The Over 60s Must Go with Bright Hlongwane
Show Details58min 13s
011. How to build a great brand with Silke Bucker
Show Details35min 19s
010. U.S Sanctions: 20 Years Later, Are They Still Relevant with Rutendo Matinyarare
Show Details1hr 14min
009. The Art of Entrepreneurship with Arthur Marara
Show Details48min 17s
008. Business Coaching and Personal Development with Zandile Gambushe
Show Details47min 43s
007. U.S Foreign Policy Africa's Opportunity
Show Details39min 17s
006. The Scramble And Partition of Africa (Part 01)
Show Details42min 54s
005. Money, Emotions And Entrepreneurship with Vangile Makwakwa
Show Details56min 29s
004. Tech, Africa and Entrepreneurship with Sheilah Birgen
Show Details47min 10s
003. Pursue And Do What You Love with David Mashabela
Show Details46min 10s
002. Is Africa Ready For A Post Pandemic Era?
Show Details28min 47s
001. Welcome to Bigshot Business Podcast
Show Details24min 56s