Dirty Money, Comedy

Season 1 | Episode 1
14m | May 21, 2020


True Stories from around the world

This Episode: A Chinese man who buried hundreds of thousands of dollars five years ago is learning the hard way there may be better ways to store his life savings, according to local reports.


1) No Inheritance

2) Loan Money

3) Grandma's Farm 

Some Weird Vocals between each song.

 This is for fun and entertainment. Nothing is too serious here. We feature odd news. 

This humor could be funny, I hope. Kookie, Flaky, Freaky, Goofy, and Wacko. 

STOP beware you may or may NOT find this funny, it totally up to you.

So relax sit back and bring it on. Get ready for the incredible even unbelievable wacky odd news channel. 

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