Big Data Month

Data is one of the most useful, yet underutilized assets of the 21st century. New data-related technologies that are ready to reshape the landscape, come knocking at our door every day. Who knows how many game-changers have seen the light this month alone? Keeping track of the progress is important, but not necessarily an easy task.

Big Data Month, the newest podcast of the Big Data Club, aims to become your beacon in the world of data news. In this podcast, three students of ESCP Business School will be discussing pertinent data-related news of the past month. Moreover, each episode ends with a job of the month, a quick overview of a profession in the field of data for those who are interested in a promising career. Plug-in and enjoy our monthly episodes filled with news, discussion, curiosity, and occasional sparks of humor. 


Big Data Month - November 2020 | Covid and Employee Privacy, Corporate Data Exchange platforms etc.
Show Details54min 54s
Big Data Month - October 2020 | Robots and Pain, AI and Agriculture, VPN and Privacy
Show Details47min 31s