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Episode 13: Tropes are Tools
Show Details37min 17s
Episode 12: You Don't Mess With The Shepard
Show Details47min 15s
Episode 11: I'm Angrier Than I Should Be
Show Details35min 36s
Episode 10: Diversity Hire
Show Details33min 4s
Episode 9: I Subverted Your Subversion
Show Details28min 12s
Episode 8: Space Jam 2 is not looking too hot...
Show Details29min 5s
Pizza is Lazy Characterization
Show Details5min 40s
Episode 7: Your Politics Bore Me
Show Details29min 21s
Episode 6: Release The Snyder Cut
Show Details43min 11s
Episode 5: Making Black Panther 2 with a Heroic Killmonger
Show Details35min 34s
Episode 4: Killmonger is not Sympathetic
Show Details31min 25s
Episode 3: The Cyberpunk Rebuttal
Show Details41min 6s
Episode 2: The One Sentence
Show Details33min 3s
Episode 1: The Ground Rules
Show Details28min 55s
Episode 0: The Trailer
Show Details10min 46s