Moral Agency and Children with Jesse Couenhoven

49m | Feb 21, 2024

Jordan talks with Jesse Couenhoven about moral agency among children. They cover topics such as: What is moral theory and moral agency? Why do we have a tendency to exaggerate the agency of children, disabled persons, etc.? Why have studies in the past been systematically biased? Should we be cynical about studies like these? Why has the approach to putting the "age of reason" at 12 (or otherwise) come under empirical critique? Why is childhood theologically important? Are children responsible? Are they capable of virtue or vice? And more!


1) Stricken by Sin, Cured by Christ: Agency, Necessity, and Culpability in Augustinian Theology, Jesse Couenhoven

2) Predestination: A Guide for the Perplexed, Jesse Couenhoven

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