The Shred Head Podcast

Oroku Saki (AKA Theeeeeee Shredder) is fresh out the joint and he's ready to tell his story. And complain about the Knicks and all manner of things New York.


S02 E01 Welcome to My Ghetto Ass Planet
Show Details48min 14s
S01 E10 Ninja Vanish
Show Details46min 30s
S01 E09 Paul Laurence Dun-BARS
Show Details44min 11s
S01 E08 Sakimite is My Name
Show Details42min 28s
S01 E07 Mutant Mishaps
Show Details48min 10s
S01 E06 The Black One
Show Details41min 20s
S01 E05 The Hard Reset Button
Show Details42min 15s
S01 E04 Saki's Apology Tour Stop 1 (ft. April O'Neil)
Show Details45min 41s
S01 E03 Take Care of Your Chokin'
Show Details43min 33s
S01 E02 Shredder in Luv
Hide Details42min 6s

Saki takes a look at this past week's wild...everything! He delves into the spiciness of the NBA. Then he expresses how that one proposal that went viral made him feel about his own love life (or lack thereof). Then he brings on home with the Cretin of the Week and his weekly recommendation.

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42min 6s
Published Jan 11, 2020 at 3:25pm
S01 E01 Welcome to My Parlour
Show Details40min 35s