The Shred Head Podcast

Oroku Saki (AKA Theeeeeee Shredder) is fresh out the joint and he's ready to tell his story. And complain about the Knicks and all manner of things New York. A Hyphen Podcast Group production.


S04 E05 Digits
Show Details38min 47s
S04 E04 An Evening with Silk Saki
Hide Details44min 10s

MORE National BA analysis and radioactive takes from our host.

Saki shoots his shot with Elizabeth Cambage in hopes that Candace Parker doesn't listen to the show.

The new Silk Sonic album gets reviewed and's perfect? Long pinky nail music is back for good.

Some idiot who wanted to host Jeopardy isn't smart enough to not listen to Joe Rogan and misuses a Dr. King quote.

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44min 10s
Published Nov 13, 2021 at 10:26pm
S04 E03 Buy a Gun
Show Details45min 55s
S04 E02 Krang's Komedy Korner...Wait.
Show Details28min 20s
S04 E01 New Dimension, Who Dis? (ft. Kuma Da Grizzly)
Show Details45min 25s
S03 E18 Sayonara Season 3
Show Details43min 6s
S03 E17 The Golden Casky Awards.
Show Details47min 51s
S03 E16 I, Tatsu Now Leave
Show Details55min 50s
S03 E15 Professor Curry
Show Details38min 18s
S03 E14 You Got Served
Show Details39min 57s
S03 E13 Randle Savage
Show Details44min 59s
S03 E12 Two BLACK Women
Show Details40min 19s
S03 E11 The New Jersey Nets
Show Details34min 37s
S03 E10 Release the Shredder Cut!
Show Details43min 3s
S03 E09 Dr. Seuss Was No Mister Rogers
Show Details46min 51s
S03 E08 Flame On, Draymond
Show Details40min 8s
S03 E07 Screech Prolly Wasn't Even That Racist
Show Details35min 39s
S03 E06 All-Star Weekend
Show Details46min 39s
S03 E05 The L Should Be Silent.
Show Details43min 47s
S03 E04 White is You Doin' Baby?!
Show Details39min 54s
S03 E03 Tis the Preseason
Show Details52min 34s
S03 E02 Deebo Was on Step-By-Step
Show Details59min 43s
S03 E01 Jumping Out the Window
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S02 E15 Hall of Fame
Show Details53min 49s
S02 E14 Hall of Shame Inf---dees.
Show Details41min 39s
S02 E13 Handshake or a Milkshake.
Show Details40min 10s
S02 E12 Worst, Ninjas, Ever!
Show Details48min 8s
S02 E11 You Fight Well...IN THE OLD STYLE
Show Details45min 44s
S02 E10 Evil Be Winnin'
Show Details42min 23s
S02 E09 Uh-Oh Here Come the Hammer
Show Details47min 12s
S02 E08 Do You Want a Union? Because This is How You Get Unions
Show Details47min 40s
S02 E07 How to Have the World by the Balls (ft. McNamara Mouse)
Show Details40min 55s
S02 E06 The Bubble, Biden and Blow
Show Details46min 21s
S02 E05 Women's Agency and Pleasure
Show Details42min 44s
S02 E04 Alex Caruso Dunks Like a Tenth Grader
Show Details42min 59s
S02 E03 Remind Me to Punch Karl Malone in the Mouth Later
Show Details43min 50s
S02 E02 Factitious
Show Details39min 52s
S02 E01 Welcome to My Ghetto Ass Planet
Show Details48min 14s
S01 E10 Ninja Vanish
Show Details46min 30s
S01 E09 Paul Laurence Dun-BARS
Show Details44min 11s
S01 E08 Sakimite is My Name
Show Details42min 28s
S01 E07 Mutant Mishaps
Show Details48min 10s
S01 E06 The Black One
Show Details41min 20s
S01 E05 The Hard Reset Button
Show Details42min 15s
S01 E04 Saki's Apology Tour Stop 1 (ft. April O'Neil)
Show Details45min 41s
S01 E03 Take Care of Your Chokin'
Show Details43min 33s
S01 E02 Shredder in Luv
Show Details42min 6s
S01 E01 Welcome to My Parlour
Show Details40min 35s