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The Secret Candy Machine, Revealed 🎃
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The Magic Frequency is 5.5. Tell No-one. 🤫
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Facebook Ads’ “First Time Impression Ratio” Problem
Show Details9min 40s
The Marketing Campaign You Wish You’d Thought Of
Show Details8min 5s
The Next Great Ad Placement: Airpods?!
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Why Did ROAS Drop During Amazon's Biggest Day?
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🚨 Facebook is Turning ON Campaigns You’ve Turned OFF
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The Problem with Facebook’s Email to (Some) Advertisers
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I Could Talk All Day With You, If You Want To.
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The Old Facebook UI is Back! (for Page Admins)
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Why Google May Delete Your Web Site in Five Months
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What a Sex Toy Blogger Can Teach You About Content Marketing
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You’re #1! (Well, you’re actually #6.)
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It’s Thanksgiving Weekend! (No, it really is.)
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The End of the Retweet?
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Hootsuite Has Lost Its Soul
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🎶 I’m a Can of Soup
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A Spreadsheet Is Not a Database
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When Image Cropping Goes Horribly Wrong
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Idiot Sandwich
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How a Lawsuit About a Video Game May Affect Your UGC Strategy
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The Facebook Feature Nobody Asked For
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Oh god. Not the coffee machines.
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The Custom Audience You Should Be Using
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Zuckerberg... You Still With Me, Bro?
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Why Cinema Ads May Be In Your Next Media Spend
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🎵 Do You Remember... How the Stars Stole the Night Away?
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Will Your Web Pages Break on October 24th?
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🎂 = 1
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Split-Test Your ORGANIC Posts (!)
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The Greatest Bait-and-Switch in Business History?
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When Lawyers Try to Write Marketing Emails
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🎵 The Whole World’s a Blur When You Waste Time With Me
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Facebook to Restrict How Many Ads You Can Run
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The One File That Can De-List Your Site from Google
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Everybody Hates Google
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(not provided)
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Why My Zoom Background is of Iceland
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Here’s Your CTA: [LISTEN NOW]
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The Facebook Engineering Comedy Hour
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“Lindsey, Come Here and Listen to This!”
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Is the End Near for Facebook’s Audience Network?
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Aug 21 — Fake Skyscrapers and Your Facebook Page (Ep 220)
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Aug 20 — Donald Trump is Destroying Your ROAS (Ep 219)
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Aug 19 — Ryan Reynolds is Having a Very Bad Day (Ep 218)
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Aug 18 — All Your Beer Memes Are Belong to Us (Ep 217)
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Aug 17 — Podcast Speed: FAST (Ep 216)
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Aug 14 — SPECIAL: The Digital Marketing Ombudsman (Ep 215)
Show Details11min 35s
Aug 13 — British Grannies Who Like Chuck Norris (Ep 214)
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Aug 12 — Two words: Blockbuster Video (Ep 213)
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Aug 11 — The Facebook Announcement We Didn’t Want (Ep 212)
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Aug 10 — How to Run Ads in Facebook Groups (Ep 211)
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Aug 7 — Why Does Facebook Hate Its Advertisers? (Ep 210)
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Aug 6 — “Boosting” or Ads Manager: Which Is Better? (Ep 209)
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Aug 5 — Instagram Reels: A Digital Marketer’s Guide (Ep 208)
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Aug 4: How a Microsoft-Owned TikTok Would Change Digital Marketing (Ep 207)
Show Details16min 38s
206: Is Your Brand’s Dormant Instagram Account Perma-dead?
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205: 🍰 The Cake Is a Lie
Show Details9min 39s
204: Because GeoCities.
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203: Does Facebook Even WANT Our Money?! 😡
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202: Your Next Ad Campaign: Masks or No Masks? 😷
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201: When Zuck Gets Drunk on the Cheap Gin
Show Details12min 20s
200: The End of Likes on Facebook Brand Pages?
Show Details12min 38s
199: Short or Long? How Much Copy Converts Better?
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198: Immoral, Obscene, and Vulgar.
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197: Google Maps Has a Terrible Spam Problem
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196: What The Hell Is With the Donut?! 🍩
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195: Protecting Your Brand from the Next Twitpocalypse
Show Details13min 13s
194: 🚨BREAKING: The Biggest Hack in Twitter’s History?
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193: Cinq Pamplemousses, S’il Vous Plaît 🇫🇷
Show Details14min 28s
192: Google Can Predict Your Sales (Also: 💋 the 🐟)
Show Details7min 59s
191: WARNING 🚨 You Will Be Rickrolled In This Episode
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190: Dude. You Forgot the Organics.
Show Details6min 9s
189: You’ll Love This Episode, [𝗚𝗲𝗻𝗱𝗲𝗿] Person in Their [𝗔𝗴𝗲]s!
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188: SPECIAL: How the CCPA Affects Your Brand
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187: All Your Source Code Are Belong To Us
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186: Plenty of Room at the Hotel California
Show Details8min 50s
185: Meet John Smith, Serial Cart Abandoner
Show Details9min 15s
184: Oh Canada! 🇨🇦
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183: Are Stock Photos Bringing Your Google Rank Down?
Show Details11min 31s
182: How Will The Facebook Ad Boycott Affect Your Brand?
Show Details12min 28s
181: Google Shuts Down Two Digital Marketing Services
Show Details11min 45s
180: Twitter Has Good News and Bad News For Marketers
Show Details11min 55s
179: Empowering or Exploitative?
Show Details7min 42s
178: Facebook Buys a Big Part of Microsoft
Show Details9min 25s
177: Is Google the Next Pinterest?
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176: Finally… Links in Instagram Captions (Sort Of)
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175: You Won’t Believe What Google Is Banning Now!
Show Details10min 17s
174: Is Google Revealing Too Much About Your Business?
Show Details9min 12s
173: Which of These Two Lines is Longer: I or |
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172: The Myth of the 51% Majority
Show Details7min 48s
171: This Podcast is Sick.
Show Details18min 56s
170: Metrics and Morality
Show Details8min 34s
169: It’s Time. Delete Your Grey Account.
Show Details11min 28s
168: Can We Legally Use Embedded Instagram Posts or Not?!
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167: Why Marketers LOVE Programmatic Ads
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166: A Glimmer of Digital Hope
Show Details5min 25s
165: Managing COVID Messaging Burnout
Show Details5min 51s
164: A Hashtag, a PSA, and a Mystery
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163: Brands and #BlackLivesMatter
Show Details5min 30s
162: Trump’s Twitter Fight is YOUR Problem Now
Show Details7min 25s
161: What’s that App Called Again? You Know The One...
Show Details7min 17s
160: The End of Instagram Influencers?
Show Details9min 13s
159: Why Is Google Rewriting Your Metadata?!
Show Details11min 12s
158: Ready Player One
Show Details4min 46s
157: The Lovers, The Dreamers, and Me. 🌈
Show Details10min 57s
156: TikTok’s Ad Algorithm Revealed
Show Details7min 38s
155: Time to Revamp Your Pandemic-Themed Ads
Show Details7min 26s
154: Special Episode: B2B Digital Marketing in a Post-Pandemic World
Show Details20min 26s
153: Facebook Just Paid $400 Million for Your Thoughts
Show Details10min 2s
152: Blitneey Speers
Show Details7min 43s
151: The Campaign That Ran $100 Cost-PER-COMMENT
Show Details12min 47s
150: How to Stop CBO Ad Sets (Without Stopping CBO Ad Sets)
Show Details12min 35s
149: TikTok Removes…. MUSIC?!?!!
Show Details8min 39s
148: Is That a New Ad Format In Your Pocket, Or… ?
Show Details10min 2s
147: What We Learned About SEO From Yesterday’s LinkedIn Blackout
Show Details9min 33s
146: Nausea on the Google See-Saw
Show Details9min 1s
145: Did You Drop Off Google’s Page One Too?
Show Details9min 27s
144: Why You Should Stop Saying ‘Unprecedented’ in Your Marketing
Show Details7min 13s
143: “You talk too fast. Sit up straighter. Stop saying Um.”
Show Details9min 44s
142: New YouTube and TikTok Ad Placements
Show Details7min 59s
141: togethertogethertogethertogethertogethertogether
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140: This Checkmark Costs $1 Million: ✅ (And hello Product Hunters!)
Show Details8min 54s
139: How Has COVID-19 Changed Social Media Engagement?
Show Details9min 10s
138: I’m sorry, HOW did you know I’m pregnant?!
Show Details7min 10s
137: WARNING: Episode Contains High Levels of Cringe
Show Details5min 23s
Show Details9min 5s
135: I Obviously Don’t Know Anything About Oil.
Show Details11min 14s
134: Has Buffer Killed Its “Reply” Product? (Answer: Yup)
Show Details7min 34s
133: Campaign Review Delays Will be the New Normal for a While
Show Details5min 1s
132: An Important Court Ruling about User-Generated Content
Show Details9min 22s
131: Facebook Ads Are Ridiculously Cheap Right Now
Show Details10min 24s
130: What Consumers Want to See in Ads During a Pandemic
Show Details8min 32s
129: Why I Rage-Quit Social Media Yesterday
Show Details10min 11s
128: New Tools from Pinterest, LinkedIn, Spotify, and Agorapulse
Show Details6min 47s
127: The Link Building Strategy You Need to Stop Doing
Show Details8min 57s
126: Is Google’s Secret Algorithm About to be Revealed?
Show Details11min 42s
125: What Your Brand Should Upload to YouTube During a Pandemic
Show Details5min 6s
124: The Latest TikTok Clone? YouTube Shorts
Show Details8min 21s
123: Square or Wide? Which Performs Better?
Show Details8min 39s
122: Kiss Your Google Ads Rep Goodbye
Show Details7min 21s
121: You May Be Getting FREE Google Ads Soon
Show Details6min 16s
120: Staying In Google When Your Business is Shut Down
Show Details7min
119: Unpopular Opinion: Now Is a GOOD Time to Advertise Online
Show Details8min 48s
118: SPECIAL EPISODE: How is COVID-19 Changing Social Media?
Show Details7min 39s
117: Uh, wrong button there, Reverend...
Show Details9min 45s
116: Strange Days, Indeed (and bonus episode of INSIDE)
Show Details15min 11s
Production suspended for the time being.
Show Details1min 7s
115: Finally! We Can Edit Tweets! (Sort of.)
Show Details7min 36s
114: Everything Is Down ⬇
Show Details12min 7s
Show Details7min 53s
112: How to Trend Worldwide on Reddit — In Just Seconds!
Show Details7min 42s
BONUS: The Bizarre True Story Behind "Mana Mana"
Show Details17min 22s
111: Why is Bart Simpson Lurking Your Brand’s Instagram?!
Show Details10min 3s
110: Stop Everything and Check Your Facebook Pixel Events
Show Details10min 48s
109: Twitter’s new Stories are out. And they’re called...
Show Details13min 15s
108: When Good Recommendations Go Bad
Show Details8min 1s
107: Hey LinkedIn. Do You Even WANT Advertisers?!
Show Details7min 51s
106: {following}
Show Details7min 41s
105: Jen, Stop Pouring My Beer Down the Sink!
Show Details15min 42s
104: 3.4k 👍🏻 476 💬
Show Details7min 41s
103: TikTok Porn?!
Show Details7min 59s
102: Facebook’s New App for Brand Managers is Stupid
Show Details9min
101: Oh, California…. 😬
Show Details7min 14s
100: ONE HUNDRED EPISODES (and counting) 😊
Show Details7min 35s
99: Stories Finally Coming to Twitter?
Show Details7min 30s
98: Will Users Be Able to Opt-OUT of Facebook’s Algorithm Soon?
Show Details10min 55s
97: 🎵 Renegade Renegade Renegade Renegade
Show Details9min 47s
96: 🍸 Your Social Media Manager Needs a Stiff Drink.
Show Details9min 37s
95: It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Facebook?!
Show Details6min 25s
94: 🦄 Unicorns, I love them. ❤️
Show Details7min 8s
93: Go Home, Quora. You're Drunk.
Show Details8min 33s
You Can't Automate Telling Your Brand Story
Show Details6min 34s
Finally... Pixels in Facebook Groups! (Sort of.)
Show Details5min 34s
Bye Bye, Mid-Rolls ☹️
Show Details8min 19s
Last night, I had the strangest dream.
Show Details8min 18s
CaN cAsE-senSiTiVE uRLs hUrT yOuR gOoGLe RaNkiNG?
Show Details7min 20s
This Episod...... [SEE MORE]
Show Details9min 24s
Facebook Has a B*tthole Problem
Show Details8min 17s
Will Location Marketing Save Us from the Cookiepocalypse?
Show Details5min 26s
Here Come the TikTok Journalists
Show Details6min 58s
Jack Dorsey Will Break Your Heart 💔
Show Details6min 13s
Two Years... and Counting... ☹️
Show Details6min 51s
Yesterday's Google Update Was... a Doozy 😕
Show Details5min 9s
Your Ads Will Cost More... and You're Gonna LIKE It, Mister!
Show Details5min 27s
Does 'Digital Engagement' Belong in the C-Suite?
Show Details6min 6s
Stop. Blocking. Complainers.
Show Details9min 5s
A HUGE Change to Twitter is Coming
Show Details8min 31s
🎶 Things That Make You Go Hmmmm 🎶
Show Details8min 31s
That Web Site is Ugly As Sin. (And It's 100% Deliberate.)
Show Details10min 26s
"Alexa, Create More Long Tail Keywords Please."
Show Details7min 10s
Google's Huge New Year Update... Didn't Actually Happen
Show Details6min 30s
Guess Who's Set to Dominate Influencer Marketing? (Hint: F___book)
Show Details7min 42s
Add "Google Cameos" to Your Brand's Next Video Strategy
Show Details8min 25s
Solid Updates to Facebook Live and LinkedIn Groups
Show Details4min 5s
That's a Nice Lookalike You've Got There. Be a Shame if Something Happened to It...
Show Details14min 29s
Is Your Platform Not Showing Incoming Facebook PMs?
Show Details11min 31s
Wait... Does the 'Link in Comments' Trick Actually Work?!
Show Details9min 3s
How the BBC Added 10,000 Followers EVERY DAY
Show Details10min 14s — Change any link's social media preview
Show Details11min 18s
Using Dynamic Content Ads? You'd Better Sit Down For This.
Show Details8min 12s
Is the Era of Personalized Marketing Already Over?
Show Details12min 57s
Broad or Lookalike: Which is Better?
Show Details8min 39s
How to Rent Your Pixel for Fun and Profit
Show Details8min 37s
Wait, what?! Michael Bloomberg owns TicToc?!
Show Details7min 30s
How Robots That Call You 'Assface' Are The Future of Digital Marketing
Show Details9min 56s
Thanks for nothing, Facebook.
Show Details4min 18s
How the Instagram Explore Algorithm Works
Show Details8min 11s
"Yeah, uh, about those conversions we said you had...." 🤥
Show Details6min 16s
YouTube is the new Edgelord!!!!!!
Show Details5min 14s
Only Pay for Your Ad When Someone Visits Your Store
Show Details9min 14s
Have You Been Calculating ROAS Wrong?
Show Details9min 59s
Facebook Scares the Crap Out of Social Media Managers
Show Details10min 9s
Are All Your FB/IG Stories About to Be Cropped?
Show Details3min 52s
New Groupings, New Placements, and New Ads Platform
Show Details6min 47s
Facebook knows best. I SAID, FACEBOOK KNOWS BEST!!
Show Details7min 21s
Which Video Format Performs Best — Square? Vertical? Wide? We have the answer.
Show Details6min 8s
Facebook Pulls One of the Best Ad Formats Around 😡
Show Details9min 33s
A New Way to Spy on Your Competitors' Ad Targeting
Show Details7min 41s
Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes
Show Details6min 13s
Oh, You're Gonna Get CBO, Buster!
Show Details8min 14s
Facebook ad competition is ⬆UP... but costs are ⬇ DOWN?!
Show Details5min 47s
Instagram hates you.
Show Details6min 49s
Show Details9min
What Top-Performing Email Marketers Are Doing (That You're Not)
Show Details8min 39s
🍆 🍑 = 📵
Show Details4min 45s
TikTok is Way, Way Bigger Than You Think
Show Details6min 29s
Oh, What a Difference 0.1 Stars Makes
Show Details6min 52s
Are Instagram Carousel Posts Driving Your Metrics Down?
Show Details7min 7s
Is Facebook About to Screw Up Lookalike Audiences?
Show Details9min 4s
Google Ads Finally Fixes Its Huge Reporting Problem
Show Details7min 56s
Another One Bytes The Dust
Show Details6min 27s
Goodbye, Grey Checkmark. We Hardly Knew You.
Show Details7min 8s
Reddit and Snapchat sitting in a tree — C-O-P-Y-I-N-G
Show Details7min 16s
This Script Will Fix Your Most Common Google Ads Mistakes
Show Details6min 23s
Come on. Quora?! COME ON....
Show Details5min 3s
Are Instagram DMs coming to the Desktop? 🤞🏻
Show Details5min 43s
Social Media Killed the Newspaper Star
Show Details5min 6s
Don't Believe the (Mobile) Hype
Show Details5min 58s
A Deep Dive Into the TikTok Algorithm
Show Details8min 4s
Filled with Sadness and Disgust? Fantastic! 👍🏻
Show Details6min 50s
Hacking the LinkedIn News Feed (Legally)
Show Details6min 40s
The Solution to Crashing Influencer Results? 🤖 ROBOTS!!
Show Details11min 28s
H1 tags are really important! Naw, just kidding.
Show Details6min 57s
How DARE You!
Show Details6min 58s
Did Facebook deliver your ads to the WRONG audiences? Yeah, maybe.
Show Details7min 1s
We're All Just Sims In Mark Zuckerberg's Eyes
Show Details8min
Go home, Twitter. You're drunk.
Show Details8min 45s
Has iOS 13 Screwed Up Google Analytics?
Show Details7min 33s
I'm Sorry, They're Watching Stories... WHERE?!
Show Details8min 21s
Conversions are down. It's not your fault.
Show Details5min 56s
Your Instagram Account Has (Not) Been Compromised
Show Details10min 3s
All Your Video Timestamps Are Belong to Us
Show Details7min 45s
You Can't Handle the PNGs
Show Details4min 37s