2 Bulls In A China Shop

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Two guys trying to figure out how to play the stock market successfully with often disastrous results. Join them as they discuss market moving news, options trades, and hot stocks!


01-15-21: Fed Takes a New Deuce, NFT Thieves on the Loose
Show Details1hr 1min
Jared Bibler, Author of Iceland's Secret
Show Details59min 45s
01-08-22: Learn, Laugh, Lose
Show Details55min 55s
Festivus Special Part C: Ross Klein, Anthony Fatseas, Obi Onyejekwe, Edmund McCormack and Dr. G
Show Details1hr 24min
Festivus Special Pt. 2: Dr. Hans, Sarah Glass, & David Moadel
Show Details1hr 9min
Festivus Special Part I: TRADEPRO's George and Vico
Show Details44min 1s
James Mcinnes, Founder and CEO of Odd Burger
Show Details54min 16s
12-18-21: Sorry SEC, We Didn't Know We Couldn't Do That...
Show Details1hr 3min
2 Bulls Bonus: Round 3 with Rich Friesen
Show Details51min 10s
12-11-21: Musk May Retire as Inflation goes Higher
Show Details55min 26s
Monthly Review: It's Never Sunny in November
Show Details37min 49s
12-04-21: China Needs Water & No Digi Dollar
Show Details1hr 5min
2 Bulls Bonus: Putting 2021 In Review
Show Details40min 43s
11-26-21: COVID, Ruler of Planet Omicron Persei 8
Show Details59min 14s
2 Bulls Bonus: Matt Reiner, CFA, CPA... Too Many to List
Show Details59min 29s
11-20-21: The Taper Rate is Transitory
Show Details1hr 4min
Deborah W. Ellis: CFP at Cogent Independent Advisors
Show Details48min 46s
11-13-21: We'll Have What the House is Buying
Show Details1hr 6min
Allen Sama, The Options Genius
Show Details51min 16s
11-06-21: Say "Transitory" One More Time... We Dare You...
Show Details58min 34s
October Review: Answering the Burning Questions
Show Details51min 48s
10-30-21: Tuesday's with Leeson
Show Details1hr 6min
Ross Klein, Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Changebridge Capital
Show Details58min 24s
Anthony Fatseas, Host of WTFinance
Show Details56min 56s
10-16-2021: Our Bet Picks are Mediocre and Christmas in October??
Show Details1hr 3min
Dr. G meets Technical Analysis
Show Details40min 13s
10-9-21: Oil Pops & New Crypto Cops
Show Details1hr 1min
September Review: Bulls & Pros
Show Details1hr 2min
2 Bulls Podcast: Shipping Delays Worsen, Consequences are Burnin'
Show Details1hr 1min
TRADEPRO's Victorio Returns
Show Details1hr 1min
09-25-21: Please Define Transitory, China Bans Cryptocurrency
Show Details1hr 2min
Talking Crypto with Shahar Abrams
Show Details52min 19s
9-18-21: Fed has No Urgency, Crypto Not Currency??
Show Details59min 52s
Interview with Dr. Adams, Ventripoint Diagnostics CEO
Show Details1hr 2min
09-11-21: Insider Feds & Bezos Fights Death
Show Details59min 58s
After Hours: Sheep In The Shop
Show Details59min 28s
09-04-21: Jobs Report Disappoints, SPCE's Plans Spoilt
Show Details1hr 2min
August Review: Back to the Futures
Show Details1hr 6min
8-28-21 Jerome's Jackson Hole & Cyber Security Goals
Show Details59min 7s
After Hours: 50 Shades of Consequences
Show Details40min 32s
08/21/21: Fed Appears Disjointed, Uber/Lyft get Disappointed
Show Details1hr 1min
Infrastructure has cracks, Crypto Hacker Gives Back
Show Details1hr 2min
Greek Style Options
Show Details49min 12s
08-07-21: Executive Orders and Robinhood Shorters
Show Details1hr 6min
July in Review w/ George Papazov
Show Details1hr 14min
07-31-21: Cali Attacks Ham, while HOOD IPO Slammed
Show Details1hr 18min
Edmund McCormack: Dchained Founder and CEO
Show Details1hr 3min
07-24-21: Bitcoin Electric & Virgin Galadick
Show Details1hr 15min
7-16-21: Inflation and Bear flirtations
Show Details1hr 7min
Chris Mamula: The Retirement Guru
Show Details51min 56s
07-10-21: Biden Targets Tech while Germans Suppress it
Show Details1hr 17min
June in Review w/ George Papazov
Show Details1hr 29min
07-03-21: CVM Curing Cancer, but Stock Falls Faster
Show Details1hr 10min
6-26-21: DOW resumes course, Bitcoin seeks support
Show Details1hr 12min
The TRADEPRO Trifecta: Interview with Sarah Glass
Show Details1hr
6-19-21: Quad Witching and Lordstown B****ing
Show Details1hr 20min
Crypto Interview with Alex Greengaard
Show Details52min 44s
6-12-21: The big race for Billionaires....In.... Spaaaace!
Show Details1hr 13min
Interview with Antibe CEO Dan Legault
Show Details49min 25s
6-5-21: Excellent Job Reports and Squeezing Naked Shorts
Show Details1hr 20min
May In Review
Show Details1hr 2min
05-29-21: Meme Stocks Start to Boil, Hedge Funds Hunt Oil
Show Details1hr 10min
Show Details51min 37s
05-22-21: SEC Charges Outfit, Mormon Church Profits
Show Details1hr 6min
Bonus Episode: Victorio Stefanov
Show Details59min 12s
05-15-21: AMC Coiled, Colonial Pipeline Foiled
Show Details1hr 9min
Bonus Episode: Calling Doctor Hans
Show Details1hr 4min
05-08-21 FSC Looking Bought, Patent Owners Distraught
Show Details1hr 10min
April In Review
Show Details1hr 1min
05-01-21 AMC sets up nicely, Lumber gets pricey
Show Details1hr 3min
Beginning Investing: Comedians on Podcasts getting Invested with Eddie Pence
Show Details1hr 5min
04-24-21 Menthols forbidden, Bezos goes villain?
Show Details1hr 6min
Bonus Episode: 4/20 with Jennifer Beck
Show Details55min 32s
04-17-21 Coinbase IPOs, Credit Suisse Woes
Show Details1hr 10min
Bonus Episode: Richard Friesen pt. II
Show Details1hr
04-10-21 - Melvin Capital's losses, Ryan Cohen Bosses
Show Details1hr 7min
March 2021 In Review
Show Details53min 16s
4-3-21 Archegos Bye-Bye, EV Chargers Multiply
Show Details1hr 6min
Bonus Episode: Nick Prouten, LODE Project Ambassador
Show Details54min 12s
3-27-21 Suez Canal Dock Blocks while China Urges boycotts
Show Details1hr 8min
Options 101 with Christopher Boorman
Show Details1hr 19min
03-20-21 Bond Yields Attack, Blackstone echoes SPACs
Show Details1hr 5min
Bonus Episode: Sue Pullen
Show Details52min 46s
3-13-21 Ant (Group) Creamed, Cannabis not so Green
Show Details1hr 4min
Bonus Episode: David Moadel, Portfolio Wealth Global
Show Details58min 10s
3-6-21 Tech Stocks Crack while Rocket goes SPAC
Show Details1hr 1min
Bonus Episode: Obi Onyejekwe from UNOMI
Show Details52min 47s
2-27-21 Gamestop 2 Electric Boogaloo
Show Details56min 26s
Bonus Episode: Richard Friesen, Trader Extraordinaire!
Show Details59min 12s
2-20-21 Looking at Option plays while QuantumScape slays
Show Details1hr 1min
Bonus Episode: George Papazov from TradePro Academy
Show Details1hr 5min
2-13-21 Marijuana deflates, SPCE just waits
Show Details59min 40s
Bonus Episode: Retail Investment Strategies and Bitcoin with Sean
Show Details44min 11s
2-6-21 Virgin Galactic cruises while Robinhood loses
Show Details58min 50s
01-30-21 Gamestop F*cks the Hedge Funds, Robinhood tries to diddle the little guy..
Show Details57min 30s
Episode GME - The Empire Strikes Back
Show Details30min 34s
2 Bulls in a China Shop - Trailer
Show Details1min 55s
1-23-21 Jumia jumps and BofA slumps
Show Details1hr 2min
Bonus Episode:
Show Details32min
1-16-21 Anticipatory Taxation Contemplation
Show Details1hr 1min
1-9-21 Pot Stocks Storm the Capitol
Show Details1hr 2min
Bonus Episode: Beginner Trading
Show Details41min 8s
1-2-21 Blink Energy Pain and Delisting China
Show Details50min 50s
12-26-2020 Santa Clause Rally and Bed Bath & Beyond
Show Details55min 24s
12-19-2020 Robinhood Swindling & Jumia
Show Details54min 55s
12-12-2020 Stimulus Woes and GameStop Fails
Show Details59min 11s
12-5-2020 Virgin Galactic and Riding Volatility
Show Details1hr
11-28-2020 Nordstrom & Vaccines
Show Details43min 19s
11-21-2020 EV Madness & Mayhem
Show Details50min 10s
11-14-2020 Fun with China
Show Details50min 4s
11-7-2020 Election Fever
Show Details1hr 6min