This is Your Life with Lauren Wang

48m | Apr 27, 2022

Jess Gaedeke, CRO of GutCheck, former Leader at Nielsen and Designalytics fan speaks with Lauren Wang, the founder and CEO of The Flex Company, a company who aims to help people with periods.  

After Lauren spent 15 years suffering from infections from menstrual products, she decided to change the status quo, not just for herself, but for menstruators everywhere. She set out to create period products that were more innovative, sustainable, and made for the 21st century. 

Lauren’s Bio  

Lauren frequently speaks on women’s health and entrepreneurship, and has been featured in TechCrunch, The New Yorker, Wired, The Washington Post, and NP. 

Lauren is a member of YPO and a graduate of Y Combinator. She gives back to her startup roots by mentoring entrepreneurs through both organizations, as well as with the Norrsken Foundation. 

Prior to founding The Flex Co., Lauren spent over a decade marketing leading consumer brands for companies including Coca-Cola, Upwork, and IMB, as well as advocating for issues she’s passionate about. She was the first in her family to graduate college, working full-time to earn her business degree from Georgia State University.  

Lauren embodies gutsiness. Today, she’ll talk about why her path to entrepreneurship, the obstacles success comes with, expanding from direct-toc-consumer to mainstream retail, and how she convinced people who don’t menstruate to get behind her product. 

Kick back and enjoy another episode of the Gutsiest Brands podcast! 

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