Beyond Limits Christian Podcast

Beyond Limits Christian Podcast

Jason here! As follower of Jesus, son of God, lover of scripture and teaching for life in the Spirit and freedom from religion, my desire is to share whatever teachings I have been able to give online, at churches, via podcasts, etc. with anyone who would find them and glean from the words the Lord gives me.


The Beyond Limits Class is a 4 week journey through scripture helping us to remove walls we've placed around supernatural possibility.

More about the class at our website


The Courts Of Heaven | Week 6
Show Details1hr 3min
Heavenly Resources | Week 5 of Beyond Limits Jan 2021 Session
Show Details1hr 2min
Kingdom Blueprints | Week 4 Jan 2021 Session
Show Details50min 34s
Revelational Relationship | Beyond Limits Week 3 January 2021 Session
Show Details44min 39s
Forming & Filling | Week 2 - January 2021 Session
Show Details51min 10s
Dealing With The Issue of Mixture - 1/6/2021
Show Details50min 7s
Politics & Religion Conversation
Show Details34min 42s
Courts Of Heaven | Week 6 of Beyond Limits
Show Details1hr 6min
Heavenly Resources | Holy Spirit and Angels
Show Details1hr 2min
Kingdom Blueprints
Show Details55min 20s
Revelational Relationship
Show Details47min 49s
Forming And Filling
Show Details47min 58s
Dealing With The Issue of Mixture
Show Details49min 18s
Beyond Limits Online Class Invitation
Show Details6min 56s
Courts Of Heaven, Jesus Our Advocate
Show Details43min
Jesus Our Advocate | PT. 4 | Engaging Divine Power
Show Details48min 3s
Heavenly Resources, Holy Spirit, Angelic Assistance | PT 3 | Beyond Limits
Show Details54min 46s
Destiny, Mandates, Blueprints | PT 2 | Beyond Limits
Show Details45min 12s
Breaking Shackles Off our Minds | God's Call, Filling and Purpose | PT 1 | Beyond Limits
Show Details46min