Ep. #444: February 7-13, 1995 with Pete Stein

5h 10m | Feb 12, 2024

Kris and David are joined by Pete Stein (for the international sections) to discuss the week that was February 7-13, 1995. Topics of discussion include:

  • WCW adding more PPV events to their schedule.
  • The upcoming Cruiserweight Title tournament that doesn’t happen for another year.
  • Rick and Scott Steiner's impending return, which ALSO doesn't happen for another calendar year.
  • Dave Meltzer's thoughts on the DDP/Evad Sullivan angle.
  • Some great videos on WCW Saturday Night centering on Ric Flair, Sting, and the Hogan/Vader feud.
  • WCW's presence at the New York Toy Fair.
  • A wild time in New Japan featuring one of the greatest TV episodes in NJPW history as they went full ECW, featuring Masa Saito becoming the BULLODAWOODS.
  • Just which Rayo de Jalisco had actually passed away.
  • Victor Quinones running IWA shows in the Dominican Republic.
  • ECW becoming a cult favorite promotion in Japan.
  • The Gangstas’ feud with Bob Armstrong getting hot and heavy in SMW.
  • Sid Vicious turning babyface in Memphis.
  • The National Wrestling Council runs a big show in Las Vegas.
  • Dick Murdoch does Dick Murdoch things on WWF house shows.
  • Why exactly Shawn Michaels abdicated his color commentary job on Raw.

All of that and so much more on a solid episode of Between the Sheets.


0:00:00 WCW

1:28:56 Japan: NJPW, WAR, FMW, IWU, Nishi Nihon, & AJW

2:23:02 Classic Commercial Break

2:25:53 Halftime

3:00:29 Other North America: CRMW, AAA, CMLL, & IWA Dominican Republic

3:24:46 Other USA: Crockett/NWA woes, ECW, All-Star (NC), NCW, SMW, USWA, NWA Dallas, & NWC

4:33:08 WWF

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