Better to Speak: The Podcast

Better to Speak: The Podcast is a weekly conversation with Kési Felton, Founder of Better to Speak, about the various sociopolitical issues concerning the Black community, with the goal-- inspired by Audre Lorde's 1984 essay featured in "Sister Outsider"-- of amplifying the work of community leaders and empowering listeners to transform silence into language and action.


Howard Students Redefine the Sustainability Movement w/ Rachel Clark of Waves of Change HBCU
Show Details26min 42s
Communities Over Cages w/ Marilynn Winn of Women On the Rise
Show Details25min 39s
Mental Wellness During the Dual Pandemic w/ Jardin Dogan of Black Folx Therapy
Show Details35min 40s
Education As a Site of Liberation w/ Evalaurene Jean-Charles of Black On Black Education
Show Details26min 48s
Abolition, Art, and Activism w/ ThoughtPoet of BYP100
Show Details27min 47s
Rest as Resistance w/ Tricia Hersey of The Nap Ministry
Show Details29min 19s
Good Trouble and Finding Your Voice in the Movement w/ Angela Saxton of Bet On Us
Show Details44min 22s
COVID-19 Part Two: Black People and The Myth of Going "Back to Normal" w/ Mercilla Ryan-Harris of BLK HLTH
Show Details22min 31s
COVID-19 Part One: Young People and Collective Care w/ Tassika Lloyd
Show Details35min 11s
Your Silence Will Not Protect You. Vote 2020.
Show Details14min 57s
Where Are the Black People? And Other Thoughts On the 2020 Election.
Show Details16min 27s