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Better Life in Recovery

We are #HopeDealers. This podcast is about everything related to recovery and substance use disorders. You have questions. We have answers.


65: The Problem With Expectations
Show Details34min 11s
64: Establishing Healthy Rhythms
Show Details30min
63: 10 Questions with Adrienne Laswell
Show Details38min 36s
62: 10 Questions with Charles Romine
Show Details38min 12s
61: 10 Questions with Marlisha Jones
Show Details32min 16s
60: 10 Questions with Mike Miller
Show Details22min 13s
59: 10 Questions with Wayne Pearman
Show Details42min 14s
58: Drug Poisoning Task Force Part 1
Show Details27min 37s
57: 10 Questions with Jesse Heffernan
Show Details1hr 2min
Show Details37min 57s
55: Conversation with Wayne Nale Part 2
Show Details32min 29s
54: Conversation with Wayne Nale Part 1
Show Details43min 39s
53: We Have to Do Better
Show Details30min 41s
52: We Need to Work Together
Show Details39min 49s
51: Multiple Pathways and Pro-Social Events
Show Details34min 55s
50: Recovery Housing
Show Details34min 26s
49: Don’t Take Anything Personal
Show Details40min 12s
48: Advocate for Change
Show Details1hr 8min
47: How to Identify an Effective Treatment Center
Show Details1hr 1min
46: Be Impeccable with Your Word
Show Details35min 21s
45: Introduction to the 4 Assumptions
Show Details39min 2s
44: 10 Questions with Lawren Cramer
Show Details35min 56s
43: Nichols 4th Law
Show Details33min 6s
42: Imposter Syndrome
Show Details36min 38s
41: Navigating Shelter in Place Orders
Show Details38min 27s
40: Passion vs Commitment
Show Details36min 53s
39: Self-Care in Times of Crisis
Show Details29min 8s
38: How to Share Your Story
Show Details31min 41s
37: 10 Questions with Kate Schumer
Show Details25min 40s
36: Stigma
Show Details30min 28s
35: 10 Questions with Randy Anderson
Show Details58min 28s
34: Fear
Show Details31min 41s
33: Relationships
Show Details36min 51s
32 - 10 Questions with Chris Robbins
Show Details33min 53s
31 - #HopeDealer
Show Details32min 56s
30 - 10 Questions with Josh Lein
Show Details27min 28s
29 - Interview with Chad Sabora
Show Details58min 51s
28: 10 Questions with Kristi Booth
Show Details30min 42s
27: Interview with Kristi Booth on Harm Reduction
Show Details44min 59s
26: 10 Questions with Robert and Cynthia
Show Details46min 14s
25: Harm Reduction
Show Details32min 53s
24: 10 Questions with Ryan Hampton
Show Details22min 34s
23: A Conversation with Ryan Hampton
Show Details40min 46s
22: A Conversation with Michael King
Show Details40min 38s
21: Ten Questions with Carla Perry
Show Details39min 22s
20: The Locker Room - Moving From Relapse Prevention to Recovery Enhancement
Show Details33min 32s
19: Being a community organizer
Show Details42min 5s
18: The Importance of Prosocial Activities
Show Details40min 26s
17: 10 Questions with Al Vineyard
Show Details35min 14s
16: Supporting an Active User and Self-Care
Show Details22min 32s
15: Defining Terms Hard to Understand
Show Details35min 21s
14: Reflections on Long-Term Recovery
Show Details35min 3s
13: Ten Questions with Brent Swanson
Show Details45min 18s
12: Early Recovery Tips
Show Details38min 39s
11: Why Opioids Get All the Attention
Show Details41min 23s
10: Rant on Stigma and Pathways
Show Details29min 26s
9: Ikigai and Your Reason Why
Show Details32min 17s
8: Gratitude
Show Details32min 1s
7: Grief
Show Details29min 59s
6: Ten Questions with Tim Kavanagh
Show Details47min 7s
5: Medication and Recovery
Show Details29min 31s
4: Forgiving Yourself
Show Details35min 36s
3: Powerless
Show Details38min 49s
2: Tom Hill
Show Details51min 53s
1: Testimony
Show Details36min 36s
0: HopeDealer
Show Details31min 53s