Best Regards, Brian

Hosted by Brian Zhang, where you'll hear a range of conversations from the perspective of a first generation, Asian American Gen Z. The show will address topics surrounding professional career paths, personal development and late night deep thoughts. Brian is occasionally joined by guests in his personal or professional life to explore these topics and other key themes for those in their twenties. Subscribe for a new podcast every Monday and follow @bestregardsbrian on Instagram for the latest updates!


Let's Talk Personal Finance!
Show Details32min 15s
Exploring The World of Acting w/ Emily
Show Details27min 17s
A Relaxing Weekend Update
Show Details10min 21s
Moving States & Making New Friends w/ Daniela
Show Details29min 36s
Made To Kit w/ Kaylee & Tiana
Show Details30min 26s
Communication, Empathy & Perspective
Show Details28min 8s
House Hacking & Everything Real Estate w/ Andres
Show Details26min 42s
Pursuing Dentistry w/ Laura
Show Details22min 7s
Starting A New Job
Show Details24min 24s
The Asian American Identity w/ Dan
Show Details28min 35s
Self-Love & Self-Discovery
Show Details28min 1s
Lead to Serve w/ Kyrene Moe
Show Details34min 58s
New Year's Resolutions Are Unproductive
Show Details24min 11s
You're not a Yuppie or Yappie!
Show Details30min 13s
Welcome to BRB // Episode 0
Show Details1min 12s