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On this podcast channel you will find new musical talents that we develop and support on a non-profit base. WE NEED YOUR HELP to get the most out of it !!! ... HOW? ... VERY SIMPLE:

- Do you have contacts that can help our talents to be air played on a radio station?!?! ...

- Do you have contacts in the film industry where the music of our talents can be used for film music?!?! ...

- Do you have contacts in the advertising industry where the music of our talents can be used in commercials?!?! ...

We would love to hear from you !!! ...

Please contact:

  • By phone: +31 62 37 50 113
  • By email:

Background information: Rockhome Foundation (Est. 1986)


- Rockhome Foundation was founded in 1986 in the place Doetinchem, Holland. The initiative arose at the time because of the need for practice room facilities where the many musicians could turn to. In addition they ware developing musical talent.

- Many activities and events were organized to raise funds. In the summer of 1989 the first Dutch School Band Festival was organized in front of the town hall square. The Livin Blues was the headliner that night and the many visitors had one great end to the evening.

- In the autumn of that year the Rockhome Foundation received the invitation via the Dutch Pop Music Foundation, to go to the Gelderse province house. To all our surprise, we received the 1989 culture prize from the Province of Gelderland, which was of course a huge boost. After all activities were transferred to the new Plutus Foundation. They worked further on the concept. Ultimately, they Realizing the so important pop rehearsal rooms.

- After the Rockhome Foundation was retired in 1998 the activities restarted in Breda. The focus now shifted to developing talented musicians and organizing 200+ live performances. Target group: 35+.

- In 2016, the Foundation celebrated its 30th anniversary and the need to continue was still a must. The music industry was, of course, dramaticly changed and that had to be anticipated to new arrivals to get musical talent in the right saddle.


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