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'Being Realistic' with Abbie and Zii

‘being realistic’ with abbie and zii, a podcast where two young adults take the hot seat and discuss topics considered taboo within asian/arab cultured. both being creative powerful forces who embark on the creative world both taking pride and passion in writing, creating and pursuing their dreams. both being allies to supporting one another despite ones background, sexual preference and personal journey, they hope to provide advice to the youth who are going through what they are going through or even older citizens of the world who may have unhealed childhood trauma that can turn to the hosts for healing and comfort. they like to bring out the fun, goofy and comedic side of themselves for pure joy and entertainment in hopes to keep the atmosphere and energy light hearted and delightful. are you ready to dive into a glimpse of their lives and possibly relate by coincidence? grab your favourite snacks and drinks because its time to be realistic with abbie and zii.