Beholding Genesis

Follow along on a personal journey to behold the Bible's first, and one of its most-complex, books: Genesis.

Detailing creation, the fall, the patriarchs, the Adamic, Abrahamic, and Mosaic covenants, the exodus, the law, and the wilderness before the promised land, Genesis surveys a larger swath of history than any other book of the Bible.

Dense with metaphors and steeped in ancient customs, Genesis serves as God's rich introduction to His perfect plan to redeem all peoples. Much more than just an explanation of human origins, Genesis introduces essential Judeo-Christian concepts, such as perfect, sin, atonement, covenent, blessing, promise—even Messiah.

We'll explore all of these concepts, and more, as we strive to behold the manifold wisdom, beauty, and grace of God as revealed by His own enduring word.

Come, let's behold Genesis, together.