Behind the Sins

The CinemaSins B team give you an unprecedented inside look at what goes on in the CinemaSins universe. Each week Aaron, Denee', and Jonathan will break down the videos, YouTube comments, your questions and more!


The Chidi, the Chicken, the Wednesday, and the Wendigo
Show Details1hr 52min
The Nerds, the Nas, the Martha, and the Mothra
Show Details1hr 57min
The Dunphy, the Doula, the Sasquatch, and the Sandwich
Show Details2hr
The Coven, the Kiss, the Capri, and the Cobra
Show Details2hr 2min
The Bada Bings, the Wings, the Poker, and the Ogre
Show Details2hr 20min
The Pricks, the Prince, the Lover, and the Losers
Show Details2hr 7min
The Cryo, the Crystal, the Cardi, and the Chaos
Show Details2hr 9min
The Kenny, the Cockney, the Boy Band, and the Battlebot
Show Details1hr 41min
The Buttons, the Bait, the Criminal, and the Kronk
Show Details1hr 45min
The Phrasing, the Philly, the Hearts, and the Hound
Show Details1hr 39min
The Crusader, the Cars, the Curse, and the Cottage
Show Details1hr 48min
The Backup, the Cocaine, the Whig, and the Cookie
Show Details2hr 9min
The Subpoenas, the Peanuts, the Pelvis, and the Pills
Show Details1hr 40min
The Fallout, the Flames, the Stalker, and the Talker
Show Details1hr 32min
The Agents, the Aircraft, the Bhabie, and the Bruce
Show Details1hr 17min
The Bikes, the Wands, the Dollhouse, and the Flerken
Show Details1hr 17min
The Comedian, the Frog, the Burger, and the Bear
Show Details1hr 28min
Behind the Sins Is Coming!
Show Details5min 5s