004 - Navigating Your Own Spiritual Journey - Zaire Black

40m | Jan 16, 2023

ZAIRE BLACK is a breathwork facilitator who finds deep purpose in his healing work. Stemming from a creative background in music as well as a background in teaching and mentoring children he carries a potent ability to honor people where they are in their healing journey and offer them safe space to go inward to learn more about themselves. 

As a graduate of David Elliot’s Healer Training, he has been able to culminate a unique ceremonial breath work style that allows people to feel energized, motivated and light as they release limiting beliefs and inner blocks to activate awareness all through the channel of the heart space. Honoring that each soul has their own journey, every breath work ceremony that Zaire holds is sacred and intimately personal to the individual. 

In this episode, Zaire shares...

  • His vast spiritual journey through multiple seasons of life.
  • How breathwork came into his life through the influence of Corey Miller and Frankie Salazar at Behind the Lids.
  • His wisdom on how to navigate a new spiritual path. 

As Zaire shares about his spiritual journey, I encourage you to reflect on your own spiritual path…and how different experiences and people have shaped your life…and how you may want to become even more intentional about your spirituality in this season of your life.

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