006 - Making Astrology Come Alive for Kids - Jenn Sinclair

35m | Jan 31, 2023

JENN SINCLAIR is an astrologer, yoga instructor, human, mama, and wife. Her big three include Sagittarius, Taurus, and Libra. She uses astrology as a tool to help understand the layers that we are made of and to celebrate the uniqueness of each person. She is interested in helping others to understand and experience themselves in a deeper way. Her chart readings are authentic and honest. She finds comfort and beauty in helping others to expose the shadows in order to find clarity and healing. She is deeply interested in using the birth chart in order to connect others to their truest and most authentic selves. She most recently wrote and self published a children’s book on astrology entitled "I am the planets, I am the stars, I am stardust." The book is written in a way that allows children to grasp the bigger concepts of a birth chart but also leaves adults with an understanding in a fun childlike way. Her knowledge of astrology and keen intuition help to connect her deeper into each person she meets.

In this episode, Jenn shares…

  • How she discovered astrology in her 30s during a dark season of her life.
  • What motivated her to write an astrology book specifically for kids.
  • The basics of astrology including the 12 houses and the Big Three.
  • How astrology can help guide your daily life.

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