017 - How Neo Emotional Release Changed My Life - Derek Glenn Larson

Episode 17
42m | Oct 31, 2023

Derek Glenn Larson is a Neo Emotional Release Practitioner who is passionate about guiding you toward emotional liberation and authenticity. Derek leverages the power of somatic work and emotional release to help you break free from emotional chains and express your true self.

Derek's professional journey kicked off as an associate marriage and family therapist and life coach, but he soon realized that his true calling was on a slightly different path. During a period of personal exploration, he discovered the incredible potential of somatic work and emotional release to help him overcome his own challenges of binge eating, feeling not enough, stuck, and unfulfilled. He understands the hurdles that can come with expressing your genuine self, and he is on a mission to help others embrace their authenticity, break free from limitations, and experience the freedom of being themselves.

Derek Glenn Larson: - @derekglennlarson

ABOUT BEHIND THE LIDS: Located in Costa Mesa, California, Behind the Lids helps people on a spiritual journey transform their day-to-day lives by becoming more grounded, centered, and at peace, deepening a connection to Spirit/Universe/Source, and healing from debilitating traumas, limiting beliefs, and old patterns. The result? Discovering and living out your purpose, passion, and super powers to create the life you desire.

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