005 - The World Is Waking Up to a New Reality - Dr. Lara Romero

42m | Jan 23, 2023

DR. LARA ROMERO is a speaker, author, artist, angelic healer and intuitive life coach who helps people transform their lives, connect with their innate talents and abilities, and move into alignment with their soul’s authentic path. She helps dissipate mental and emotional traumas on a cellular level, transmute limiting beliefs, and guides clients to live their best life. She has an extraordinary ability to communicate with the Angelic realm and Ascended Masters as well as clear past life trauma, do soul retrievals, and efficiently cut energetic cords. She also channels a unique frequency that instantly brings the body, mind, and soul into alignment, which is physically demonstrable. With a doctorate of Metaphysics and a background in counseling, she has helped 1000’s of people lead their lives with confidence, clarity and courage.

In this episode, Lara shares…

  • Why she believes our world is waking up through the Covid experience.
  • What to do if you’re experiencing a spiritual awakening or exploring your own spiritual gifts.
  • What might be holding you back if you’re seeking to share a spiritual message with the world. 

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