001 - Going Behind The Lids - Mandy Adams

13m | Jan 9, 2023

MANDY ADAMS leads the Behind the Lids Healing Collective in Costa Mesa, California. After 22 years in advertising, Mandy left the corporate world to build a community focused on wholeness and healing as well as produce life-changing retreats around the globe through Soul Star Journeys.

In this episode, you'll hear about...

  • Mandy's first experience at Behind the Lids.
  • How she was given the opportunity to take over the studio.
  • Her unique touches on the physical space.
  • Her hopes and dreams for the future of Behind the Lids.

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ABOUT BEHIND THE LIDS: Located in Costa Mesa, California, Behind the Lids Healing Collective connects like minded individuals with a desire to heal and be seen in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Our mission is to offer a safe container and setting for all those who walk through the doors to discover who they are on a deeper level. 

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