Behind The Scalpel

Behind The Scalpel is a podcast created by medical students in the Surgical Interest Association (Surgia) based in Griffith University School of medicine. This podcast serves as a platform where medical students and junior doctors can get bite sized content covering a wide range of topics in surgery. It holds illuminating conversations with various guest speakers form a range of specialties to give listeners a greater understanding of what the surgical field entails. Behind the Scalpel hopes to encourage and inspire the next generation of surgeons.


9 - Facing Hesitation in the Pursuit of Surgery
Show Details13min 29s
8 - How to thrive as a medical student
Show Details17min 1s
7 - Talking Orthotech
Show Details20min 15s
6 - Academic Surgery - The Rise of Collaborative Research pt 2
Show Details21min 49s
5 - Academic Surgery - the Rise of Collaborative Research pt 1
Show Details17min 23s
4 - The Changing Landscape of Surgery pt 2
Show Details23min 1s
3 - The Changing Landscape of Surgery pt 1
Show Details21min 49s
2 - Surgery - A student's perspective
Show Details18min 31s
1 - From med student to surgeon
Show Details17min 34s
Introducing Behind The Scalpel
Show Details3min 48s