Behind The Sales

Annual sales target is set? Yearly plans have already been made? I hope your warm call scripts are ready or will you just make your usual market gossip with the customer, as you will be addressed for being far away from professionalism once again?

This podcast aims to teach you nothing. No, it will not help you about being the best sales rep in the field. Even worse, after each episode, you may face the risk of enjoying the deep relief of being one of those worst sales personnel in the market, just by listening to these worst moments of common business life, unfortunate experiences of sales, untold mistakes, embarrassments, or failures of office hours, from the random workdays of any white-collar worker.

Yes, at this podcast, I will share the untold story of the unsuccessful, what is "Behind The Sales", with the hope to share the common smile of each Sunday morning, that happily lacks the smell of printed invoices...


Episode 1: Introduction to Behind The Sales
Show Details9min 48s