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Behind the Red Curtain

Chelsea Hart-Melcher, an opera singer, music teacher, and "mompreneur", gives us a glimpse of the joys and struggles of her multiple hats and finding your why. She is super passionate about helping singers channel their anxiety into their superpower. If you're a musician, performer, parent, or student, then this show is for you!


Scarcity vs. Abundance: An Important Lesson in the Music and Performing Arts Industry
Show Details35min 9s
Dealing with Jealousy and Rejection in the Acting and Music Industry with Regan Goins
Show Details17min 24s
What would you do if you could go back? Interview with Regan Goins (Part 1)
Show Details25min 46s
Learn a Role at Lightning Speed! Don Pasquale in 11 Days Challenge
Show Details19min 56s
Going Back to College... What Would I Do Differently?
Show Details12min 57s
Top Tips on Tackling and Approaching Contemporary or Difficult Music
Show Details12min 37s
Being Social Media Free with Cayla Hart
Show Details17min 19s
Rehearsal Mistakes to Do and to AVOID
Show Details5min 13s
Transitioning from Music Major to Professional
Show Details15min 26s
How to be Your Best Under Pressure | Interview with Calvin Strachan
Show Details37min 2s
Are They Getting Better? Confidence Tips for Music Teachers
Show Details12min 49s
Let's Talk Multiple Hats, Careers, and Confidence with Jake Gadomski
Show Details21min 51s
Working through Self-Sabotage with Taylor Arco
Show Details32min 37s
A Message from Music Major Grads All Over the Nation
Show Details27min 28s
Transitions and a False Sense of Security for Music Graduates with Paul
Show Details14min 25s
Have More Confidence in 3 Simple Steps
Show Details8min 13s
What You Need to Know Before Going Into A Music Career
Show Details15min 22s
The Fundamentals of Teaching Young Singers: Tips for Music Teachers
Show Details11min 1s
Why I Love Music Majors So Much
Show Details6min 49s
Have More Confidence and Manage Performance Anxiety
Show Details6min 55s
Teaching and TikTok with Katherine Rosenfeld
Show Details28min 29s
Teaching or Performing: The Misconceptions of Choosing a Career After Music College
Show Details15min 15s
Black History Month and All Things In Between with Justin Swain
Show Details45min 57s
What I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me About Transitioning
Show Details26min 32s
What To Do When Your Child Doesn’t Want To Practice
Show Details12min 25s
How To Deal With Negative Comments
Show Details19min 18s
The Most Important Question Parents Can Ask Their Young Dreamer
Show Details11min 25s
Performing After College: Here's What They Don't Tell You
Show Details35min
Dealing with Jealousy, Competition and Comparison
Show Details25min 31s
Behind the Microphone: Date Night with Chelsea and Paul
Show Details14min 8s
High-Heel Horrors: My Most Embarrassing Moment Onstage as a Musician
Show Details6min 30s
Stop Caring About What Others Think! The Art of Embracing People Pleasing
Show Details27min 35s
Mental Breakdowns and Bad Days: What to Do When You’re at Your Breaking Point
Show Details12min 31s
Master Class with Natalie Ballenger
Show Details58min 50s
Quarantine Tips: How to Practice with People at Home
Show Details25min 17s
What It’s Like to Be a Performer During the Pandemic
Show Details11min 32s
Five Ways to Support Your Balance of Career, Family, Life, Work and Marriage
Show Details16min 52s
Finding Your Motivation In Quarantine: Rising Up amidst the Negativity
Show Details6min 59s
Burnout in Your Music? Here's What You Need to Do
Show Details8min 14s
My Favorite Moments in My Career as a Music Teacher
Show Details17min 10s
Welcome to Behind the Red Curtain!
Show Details47s