Behind the Red Curtain

Chelsea Hart-Melcher, an opera singer, music teacher, and mom of two, gives us 15-minute glimpses of the daily life of a musician and music teacher and how to take control of your life and your time. If you're a musician, performer, parent, or student who wants to learn more about how to integrate music in your life, then this show is for you!


High-Heel Horrors: My Most Embarrassing Moment Onstage as a Musician
Show Details6min 30s
Stop Caring About What Others Think! The Art of Embracing People Pleasing
Show Details27min 35s
Mental Breakdowns and Bad Days: What to Do When You’re at Your Breaking Point
Show Details12min 31s
Master Class with Natalie Ballenger
Show Details58min 50s
Quarantine Tips: How to Practice with People at Home
Show Details25min 17s
What It’s Like to Be a Performer During the Pandemic
Show Details11min 32s
Five Ways to Support Your Balance of Career, Family, Life, Work and Marriage
Show Details16min 52s
Finding Your Motivation In Quarantine: Rising Up amidst the Negativity
Show Details6min 59s
Burnout in Your Music? Here's What You Need to Do
Show Details8min 14s
My Favorite Moments in My Career as a Music Teacher
Show Details17min 10s
Welcome to Behind the Red Curtain!
Show Details47s