Nima Sherpa - Dream to Open a Montessori School in Nepal

Season 1 | Episode 5
45m | Dec 10, 2019
Nima Doma Sherpa, a Head Teacher at a Montessori School, shares her childhood days in Nepal that were detrimental in her professional as well as her personal life. She explains what a Montessori school is, and how her role is more of a guide than a traditional teacher. Nima shares her displeasing experience with Nepal’s education system at Galaxy Public School, and how everything changed after moving to Burlington, Vermont. She recalls attending her first class in America, and the life-changing teacher’s response for Nima’s misunderstanding of an assignment. Moving forward, her interest in education was revived and she ended up moving to New York to learn about the philosophy of Montessori teaching and became certified to teach. Nima Sherpa would love to eventually open Montessori schools all over the world, especially in Nepal.
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