Beer Breath Podcast

Beer Breath Podcast is a current events podcast hosted by Dominic Crook. Recorded in his home studio, Dominic has conversations with friends, family, and colleagues to discuss topics including (but not limited to) sports, video games, politics, religion, food, and entertainment. All under the influence of Alcohol.


When You Know, You Know... Somber Sports, Side Gigs, and The Joker
Show Details43min 59s
The REAL Nick Walsh... Instagram, Country Music, and Sober October
Show Details54min 19s
King of Beers... Venmo Donos, Good Books, and eSports
Show Details1hr 33min
Colonel Mustard... Condiment History, Jiu Jitsu, and Inbreeding
Show Details1hr 12min
Tree Trouble...Nick Walsh, Joe Walsh, and a Deer Stand
Show Details48min 36s
Obese Conversations... County Cup, Data Plans, and Food
Show Details1hr 10min
Football is Here!... NCAA, NFL, and More
Show Details1hr 35min
Claw Abiding Citizen... Hard Seltzers, Slow Play, and Laundry Detergent
Show Details39min 18s
Assigned Seats... Drinking Heavily, Fantasy Teasing, and Lunch Tables
Show Details1hr 20min
Sweet Sixteen... Fortnite, Brooks Koepka, and Juicy Beers
Show Details1hr 4min
Join Curtis, Sam, Mike and........Shane Lowry?
Show Details1hr 15min
Brain Drain... Erasing Memory, Old Faces, and Area 51 Invasion
Show Details1hr 11min
Dinger Central....Home Run Derby Recap, An Absurd Stance on AC, and Big 12 Football
Show Details59min 13s
Hot Dog Dominance... Joey Chesnut, Women's World Cup, and Golf Talk
Show Details53min 35s
Free-dom Agents... July 4th, NBA Free Agency, Football is Near
Show Details1hr 15min
JuJu Smith-SchustBEER... Firekeeper Recap, Weddings, and Softball
Show Details1hr 4min
Take Me Out to The Ball Game... and Stuff My Fat Face
Show Details1hr 5min
A Topeka (KU Grad) US Open Champion! Championships and Parades.
Show Details55min 38s
Passionfruit Remix... Bachelor Party, Nap Time, and Neature
Show Details1hr
Paul Pierce Mowed Himself!... Playoffs, US Open, and Food!
Show Details1hr 1min
Theater Cheaters... Movie Snacks, Snapping Turtles, and Pee Pants
Show Details1hr 18min
The Transfer beer :( golf, transfer portal, and the NBA
Show Details1hr 5min
SoberPen... Drunken Cures, Ausieball, and a 3ft Burrito
Show Details1hr 6min
BBQ vs. Cookout...Grilling, Sams Summer Food Choices, and Mike's "run in with the law"
Show Details1hr 3min
Amish Uber... Nick Walsh Music, County Cup, and Melatonin
Show Details1hr 27min
Ark Breath... Noah's Ark, Flooding, and NBA Defense
Show Details1hr 11min
Phone Home... Moving, Softball, and Elderly Care
Show Details1hr 17min
Life and AP... Boston, NBA Lottery, and NCAA Football
Show Details1hr 16min
Driver’s Ed... Old Drivers, Tesla’s, and High School Speed
Show Details1hr 18min
Hernandez Hernandez Hernandez... Coworkers on Facebook, Bachelorette Parties, and Sporting Bucket Lists
Show Details57min 54s
ONE HUNDRED... Episode Recaps, County Cup Talk, and a Blown Beer Review
Show Details1hr 22min
High Speed Mike... Marketing Schemes, Lamb Steaks, and Social Medias
Show Details54min 57s
Ass-Letic... Hemorrhoids, Weddings, and Easter
Show Details1hr 34min
TIGER MF WOODS...Golf, Spring Football Wrap-Up, and Game of Jibs
Show Details1hr 10min
Golfsta's Paradise... Augusta, Fast Food, and NHL Playoffs
Show Details1hr 15min
Fatrick's Feast... Instant Replay, Augusta, and Masters Champion Dinner Menu
Show Details1hr
Guys Being Dudes... Nashville Nick Update, Almost Fights, and Fast Food
Show Details1hr 27min
Beef Tube Sandwich... Food vs Food, March Madness, and Sam's Woes
Show Details1hr 7min
HBD BBPC... 1 Year of Podcasts, Allergy SZN, Spring Fever
Show Details1hr 16min
March Sadness... Awful Tournament, Grilling Szn, Sports Streams
Show Details57min 27s
Bust a Bracket... March Madness, Food Bracket, and Jewel Stools
Show Details1hr 7min
The Magic Bullet... Conspiracy, Disney Movies, and Well Digging
Show Details1hr 33min
Cauliflower Chaos... Food, Weather, and Flat Earthers
Show Details1hr 20min
Workplace Mishaps... Big 12 Champions, Work Talk, and More Food
Show Details1hr 7min
Court is in Session... Judge Skylar, Nashville Trip, and a McMess
Show Details1hr 12min
NFL Combine no cap... Athletes, Sam's Spells, and Old People v Tech
Show Details1hr 3min
Cancelled Vacation... Curtis' Woes, Jason Brown, and the Momo Challenge
Show Details1hr 8min
Arts and Krafts... Sunflower Showdown, Robert Kraft, and PBA All-Stars
Show Details1hr
Samland Reveal... The Chef's Hometown, Flight Delays, and a Deep Dish Dive
Show Details1hr 28min
High Steaks... Food Talk, Beer Breath Spells, and Ice the Rice
Show Details52min 17s
Setting the Alarm... Waking Up, V-Day, and Inappropriate Conversation
Show Details1hr 1min
Spelling Stallions... AAF, Big XII Basketball, and a 50th Birthday
Show Details1hr 6min
Norsemen Brewing Company... Vikings, Beers, and Drunken Choirs
Show Details1hr 8min
The Toilet Bowl... Mike's Spell, Low Scores, and the WM Open,
Show Details1hr
A Boy Genius... A Founder Beer, Early Graduates, and NBA Trades
Show Details1hr 13min
A Warm Blast to the Face... Winter Weather, College Football Salaries, and KSU Basketball Woes
Show Details56min 19s
Zion the Great... Space Beer, One-and-Dones, and Big XII Basketball
Show Details1hr 21min
Stupid Bowl LIII... Conference Champs, OT Rules, and Iman Shumpert
Show Details1hr 25min
Choke Your Chicken... Local Beer, K-State Basketball Draft, and Poultry Nostalgia
Show Details1hr 6min
Man Flu... Living with Symptoms, Chiefs Football, and Bird Boxing
Show Details56min 18s
Stool Sitting.. Would You Rather - KSU BBALL Edition, Kyler Murray, and Fitness
Show Details59min 23s
Iron Rail Brewing... A Conversation with Brewmaster Don King, Sports, and So Much More
Show Details1hr 7min
Nashville Nick... Nick Walsh Music, Las Vegas, and Taking Flight
Show Details1hr 6min
Fresh Powder... The New Year, New Beer, and Hitting the Slopes
Show Details1hr 13min
A Very Merry Beer Breath Christmas... Favorite Presents, Movies, and a Christmas Song Draft
Show Details1hr 9min
Klieman Cool Off... Discussing an Overreaction, Fantasy Football Playoffs, and a Dirty Beer
Show Details48min 53s
Procrastination... The Art of Putting Things Off ft. Skylar Farwell
Show Details1hr 36min
Rocket Man... Burning Out Our Fuse with Skylar Farwell
Show Details1hr 24min
A Decision Is Made... Spontaneous Initial Thoughts on Kansas States Head Coach Hire
Show Details48min 6s
Ad Blocker ft. Skylar Farwell... Law School, Privacy, and Convenience.
Show Details1hr 10min
Thank You, Bill... Snyder 2.0 Memories and Position Drafts
Show Details1hr 10min
The Book of Dom... An Executive Producer Monologue
Show Details52min 35s
Bring Brent or Get Bent... KSU Coaching Carousel, Old Coaches, and Dream Hires
Show Details1hr 2min
Per Diem... New Coaches, Equipment Managers, and Falling in Public
Show Details1hr 3min
Turkey Gravy... Thanksgiving, Ham v Turkey, and a Lazy Brewview
Show Details52min 57s
Mikes Munchies... Swapping Hosts, Elon Musk, and Cold Weather Foods
Show Details1hr 3min
The Ghosts Among Us... Spooky Guest, Sleep Paralysis, and your Weekly Brewview
Show Details49min 11s
iPhone 2Sam... Sam's Shenanigans, Sunflower Showdown, y La Comida de Phil
Show Details53min 28s
Ambitious Beers... Daylight Savings, Jumping Rope, and Drum Phils
Show Details42min 21s
Remembering Sad-urday... Curt's Insurance, Happy Trey, and the State of the KSU Football Program
Show Details48min 29s
Mount-Sugar-Rushmore... Spooky SZN, Halloween Costumes, and All-Time Candies
Show Details52min 24s
Power Boner... Speeding Tickets, System Quarterbacks, and Sam Stats
Show Details1hr 5min
A Full Boat... Lottery Winnings, Video Games, and the Titanic 2.0
Show Details51min 50s
Nicki Picky... Wedding Food, Phuds Phood, Chicks Picks Week 6
Show Details52min 37s
Yukon CornBEERlius... Cats Win, NCAA Kickoffs, and Fantasy Fantasies
Show Details36min 24s
Creamed Peas... Phils Food, Cooking Tips, and Chicks Picks Week 5
Show Details44min 14s
Ruffled Feathers... Travis Sipe, UFC 229, and Beer Review Week 2
Show Details44min 47s
Mow City Squad... The Origin of Mow, Wife Picks, and a Broken Hand
Show Details40min 6s
Beer Breath PodFEST... First Beer Review, KSTATE Sucks, and The Miracle of Child Birth
Show Details37min 28s
Athleticism... Sports Best Athletes, Farming Simulator, Chicks Picks Week 3
Show Details40min 31s
Tiger On Top... Tiger Wins, KSTATE Loses, KU Loses
Show Details46min 17s
Get Picked Down... Chick Picks Week 2, Fantasy Collusion, and Game Week for Curtis
Show Details42min 6s
The Power of the Cyst... More Football Talk, Bar Bets, and New Head Coach for KSU
Show Details48min 12s
Pick Your Stall... Handicap Stalls, Thumb Wrestling, and Chick Picks
Show Details47min 30s
Paying it Forward... Dealing with Football Losses, Fantasy Football, and Free Food.
Show Details51min 39s
Broken Uniforms... ND Shamrock Unis, Favorite Uniforms, and the New NFL Tackling Rule
Show Details58min 10s
Tis the Szn... Football Returns, Medical Evaluations, and Busch Lattes
Show Details40min 14s
BBPCFL... Fantasy Football Draft Order, DvC Wrap Up, Twitch Stream Hype
Show Details40min 25s
Crooked Sticks... A Crook Wedding, Golf Traditions, and a Prego Interview
Show Details39min 34s
Back to School... Heights, Move In Day, and Returning to College
Show Details46min 8s
A Not So Dirty 30... PGA Championship, Kids Toys, and Opening Acts
Show Details45min 49s
Snack Food Fantasies… Video Gaming, Fantasy Football, and Our Favorite Snack Foods
Show Details54min 59s
Smashedville... Nashville Recap, PGA Championship, and Cats Football
Show Details53min 16s
The Vancast... Beers, Best Friends, and Horrible Audio
Show Details43min 16s
Sunday Scaries... The Worst Weekly Feeling, Favorite Cereals, and a Vancast Preview
Show Details47min 38s
Open Water... The US Open, and Shark Week, and the New Studio
Show Details38min 42s
Alcohol Abuse... Bugs, Beatings, and Bachelor Parties
Show Details41min 51s
Wednesday Scaries... Young Adult Birthdays, Conditioning, and Flight Time
Show Details42min 15s
Fast Food Friday... Fast Food Rankings, Tiger v Phil, and a Dash of Big XII Odds
Show Details50min 50s
A Chestnut Decade... Nathan's Hot Dog Champion, Roaring 20s, and the Grungy 90s
Show Details40min 3s
Concert Tonight... Local Benefit Concert, Top 100 NFL Players, Ayesha Curry BBQ
Show Details54min 47s
A Guest Voice... Gambling Addictions, Colin Nichols Music, and Country Stampede
Show Details43min 3s
Beer Breath Poocast... Additional Wipe Techniques, Insane Asylums, and Dynamic Food Duos
Show Details1hr 16min
Golf is Hard... Phil's Putt, Crying Golfers, and Country Stampede
Show Details42min 55s
Dad-isms... Father's Day, Dad Jokes, Dad Attire
Show Details46min 10s
Bear Breath Vol. 1... The Ovi Speech, NBA Finals-Finally, and The Beginning to the Bear Story
Show Details44min 33s
Teachers' Pet... Going Back to Teach High School, Bryson Dechambeau, and Odd Domestic Animals
Show Details45min 20s
Dribbling Out The Clock... JR's Blunder and A New Oakland "A"
Show Details43min 25s
Spelling B's... Poor Spelling, Golf Game, and Getting Old
Show Details42min 43s
Grill Szn... Grilling, Lebron, and the Origin of Favorite Teams
Show Details46min 19s
Red Stripe and a Lime...Beer Garnish, Golf Honesty, and Poor Restaurant Service
Show Details43min 58s
The KC Smokes... Kansas City's New NBA Team, Pet Humans, and Sheahon Zenger
Show Details34min 1s
We Have a Lotto Stuff to Talk About... NBA Draft Lottery, Robots, and Legal Sports Betting
Show Details46min 49s
It's Wednesday My Dudes... Tanner Jr., Frozen Foods, NHL/NBA Playoffs
Show Details37min 38s
beerbreath & bentley's... Post Malone, NCAA Football Video Games, and the Greatest Year of All Time
Show Details1hr 1min
Spring Has Sprung... K-State Spring Game, Traffic, Toilet Paper
Show Details1hr 12min
And So Much More... Bad Inventions, WAGs, NBA/NHL Playoffs
Show Details1hr 19min
Tanner on Trial…. Dog Days of Sports, The Masters, Tanner Defends his Outrageous ‘What’s on Sale’ Statements
Show Details1hr 14min
It continues.... March Madness, The Masters, NFL Draft, and the Most Important Draft of All Time
Show Details1hr 17min
The Beginning: March Matchups and an Exclusive Interview with Nick Walsh
Show Details1hr 11min