Beekeeping For Newbees

Here we will discuss everything needed to keep bees including: Beekeeping tools, hive components, what to do and when, and every trick of the trade that we can think of. If you are new to beekeeping, this podcast is for you.


Episode 20 - Combining Weak Hives and Queen Intros
Show Details27min 49s
Episode 19 - Beat The Heat
Show Details25min 19s
Episode 18 - Honey, Honey, and More Honey - Part 2
Show Details40min 23s
Episode 17 - Honey, Honey, and More Honey - Part 1
Show Details31min 32s
Episode 16 - Emails and Updates
Show Details35min 54s
Episode 15 - Supplemental Feeding
Show Details42min 59s
Episode 14 - Expectations for First Year Colonies
Show Details32min 20s
Episode 13 - Getting Social and Listener Emails
Show Details36min 22s
Episode12 - Recent Inspections And Interventions
Show Details31min 4s
Episode 11 - Swarm Season and Expansion - Part 2
Show Details28min 8s
Episode 10 - Swarm Season and Expansion - Part 1
Show Details35min 21s
Episode 9 - Your First Inspection, Part 2
Show Details44min 10s
Episode 8 - Your First Inspection, Part 1
Show Details37min 55s
Episode 7 - Hive Placement and Installation
Show Details38min 4s
Episode 6 - End of The Overview part 2
Show Details37min 11s
Episode 5 - End of The Overview part 1
Show Details32min 10s
Episode 4 - Hive Components From The Ground Up
Show Details30min 39s
Episode 3 - Ordering Your First Bees
Show Details24min 8s
Episode 2 - The Beekeeper's Tools of the Trade
Show Details36min 4s
Episode 1 - Intro and What To Expect
Show Details22min 20s
Episode 0 - The Pilot
Show Details4min 57s