Becoming Tane Podcast

This podcast is about GROWING GREAT GUYS through stories. Every guy has a story and every story offers learning. Each episode features an everyday guy who shares his story of what life has taught him so far. Follow this podcast if you want to be inspired by everyday guys who are just like you.


Episode 8- I love you bro & I'm proud of you
Show Details37min 23s
Episode 7- WIN: What's important now!
Show Details35min 9s
Episode 6- Be authentic, be you
Show Details36min 40s
Episode 5- Don't tell me, show me
Show Details36min 56s
Episode 4- Excellence is a Habit
Show Details36min 40s
Episode 3- Be brave, be kind
Show Details32min 26s
Episode 2- Chase your dreams
Show Details30min 37s
Episode 1- Try Big
Show Details27min 23s