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Salon Sleuths Podcast

Real stories with real clients in a salon with a variety of opinions and perspectives.


S3. E2. Dine and dash, bullies, wine bar fight and Psychic Suzanne Jauchius
Show Details55min 31s
S3. E1. The Hate Crime of David Keck
Show Details1hr 12min
S2. E46. Emma Sweet and Zahra Baker - Tragic ends
Show Details51min 16s
S2. E45. Holiday Horror with Salem
Show Details42min 59s
S2. E44. Alien Baby, Lotus Birth and Michelle Martinko
Show Details1hr 1min
S2. E43. Joshua John and our ghost adventure
Show Details1hr 17min
S2. E42. Samhain, Halloween and/or All-Hallows Eve
Show Details43min 32s
S2. E41. The Weigh Down
Show Details57min 18s
S2. E40. Human Meat sandwich anyone??
Show Details1hr 9min
S2. E39. The Suzanne Jauchius Show - Local PDX Psychic
Show Details41min 20s
S2. E.38 Spinning Thoughts
Show Details1hr 6min
S2. E37. Gabby got her wings
Show Details58min 20s
S2. E36. Don't mess with Texas.
Show Details1hr 1min
S2. E35. Freaky Friday with Magenta
Show Details1hr 17min
S2. E.34 Are you Listening?
Show Details59min 16s
S2. E.33 Real or Fake
Show Details1hr 14min
S2. E32. The Oak Grove Jane Doe and tragic death of a little local boy.
Show Details46min 18s
S2. E31. The Unheard Voice of the Delphi Murder Case
Show Details1hr 24min
S2. E30 Robert Plympton Accused killer of Barbara Mae Tucker
Show Details51min 42s
S2. E29. In the crazy news, Edwin Lara convicted Bend murderer
Show Details1hr 1min
S2. E28. Ghost stories and little Samuel Olsen
Show Details1hr 19min
S2. E27. Adventures with Purpose and Jason Derek Brown
Show Details54min 19s
S2. E26. Suzanne Jauchius Show
Show Details22min 21s
S2.E25. Oen Nickolsen and Summer Wells
Show Details58min 12s
S2. E24. Diane Downs
Show Details46min 38s
S2.E23. Crazy Moms
Show Details49min 41s
S2. E.22 Cecil Hotel and Elisa Lam
Show Details57min 2s
S2. E21. Huntington's Disease
Show Details25min 55s
S2. E.20 Delphi murders connection, birthday suit and the blue man
Show Details1hr 7min
S2. E19. Wyn Reed and the Keddie Cabin Murders
Show Details59min 36s
S2. E.18. I5 Killer - Randall Woodfield
Show Details16min 14s
S2. E 17. You laugh, I laugh
Show Details52min 55s
S2.E16. Cary Stayner - Yosemite Murderer
Show Details26min
S2. E15. Psychic Suzanne Jauchius Show
Show Details27min 12s
S2. E214. Emily @LikerofWords
Show Details1hr 22min
S2. E.13 Lori Vallow Daybell
Show Details1hr 22min
S2. E12. Kendrick Johnson Case Reopened
Show Details1hr 9min
S2. E11. Royal Family
Show Details29min 56s
S2. E10. Friends of missing Fauna Frey
Show Details1hr 7min
S2. E9. Love Rocks the story of Anna and Abby
Show Details55min 55s
Mystery Hole
Show Details24min 22s
Jane Doe FOUND- Now Jane Dee
Show Details43min 18s
S2.E6. Free Britney
Show Details46min 53s
S2. E5. Find Fauna Frey
Show Details29min 44s
S2 E4 - Muffin Man and Tragedy in the Gorge
Show Details1hr 19min
S2. E.3 The curse of The Exorcist
Show Details12min 10s
S.2 E.2 Donor 9623 Conspiracy Theories
Show Details41min 35s
S2,E1 The Suzanne Jauchius Show - will not disappoint!
Show Details55min 26s
E.45 Kimberly Forbes
Show Details1hr 5min
E.44 Sara Zghoul and Erica Renee Hogg
Show Details55min 47s
E.43 Alex and Chase
Show Details58min 25s
E.42 Little Known Dangers
Show Details54min 37s
E.41We Aint Broke
Show Details20min 16s
E.40 John Arthur Ackroyd
Show Details41min 39s
E.39 To DIe For
Show Details46min 5s
E.38 Amazon Returns and Chit Chat
Show Details41min 28s
E.37 TikTok - Rowan Tree Groves
Show Details1hr 2min
36. Heavens Gate
Show Details34min 52s
E.35 Disturbing Oregon
Show Details52min 51s
E.34 20 Questions
Show Details1hr 19min
E.33 Cold Case Discussion
Show Details45min 14s
E. 32 - Keeping Portland Weird and Cold Case Floy Jean Bennett
Show Details47min 17s
E.31 Potty Talk
Show Details43min 46s
E.30 Suzanne Jauchius Show #5
Show Details17min 7s
E.29 Autumn Edwards
Show Details54min 32s
E.28 Michael Francke
Show Details56min 52s
E.27 Missing Persons Psychic Ginette Lucas
Show Details50min 24s
Matthew Anfeldt - Missing
Show Details1hr 1min
E25. Psychic Suzanne Jauchius
Show Details49min 16s
24. What on earth is EFT.... It's Magic
Show Details59min 19s
Pittock Mansion and the Shanghai Tunnels
Show Details1hr 1min
Urban Legends (take 2)
Show Details59min 49s
Suzanne Jauchius Show - You Ask - We get you an Answer
Show Details1hr 9min
Show Details50min 18s
Superstitions and random thoughts (e.19)
Show Details1hr 9min
The Mysterious death of David Wahl, & interesting animal stories
Show Details56min 8s
Interview with retired detective - Michael O'Connell together we discuss the cold case Debra Cockes from Tigard, Oregon
Show Details1hr 7min
Kyron Horman still missing
Show Details1hr 47min
Psychic Readings with Suzanne Jauchius June 1st
Show Details25min 55s
Past Live Regression Session Part 1
Show Details52min 14s
Mandela Effect and Parallel Universes
Show Details49min 50s
Past Lives
Show Details1hr 1min
Psychic S.J. Q&A and The Girl in the Box.
Show Details48min 52s
Psychic Suzanne Jauchius - Q & A - You can be on our show!!
Show Details31min 41s
Missing Alissa McCran & interview with Adventures with a purpose
Show Details55min 59s
West Coast Medium
Show Details58min 57s
Missing Bridesmaid and Missing feet -
Show Details39min 54s
Spirits and Angels
Show Details48min 46s
Jane doe, and boys missing - ALL cold cases
Show Details41min 59s
Allyson Watterson - Still Missing!!
Show Details1hr 1min
Great... Not So Great Outdoors
Show Details57min 28s
Careful he's still out there...
Show Details30min 28s
2 Cold Cases from the Portland Oregon area.
Show Details59min 4s